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MO Reader Needs Advice

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You might find that an FZ1, ZX12 or Bandit 1200 is just what you are looking for, not to mention Suzuki's new SV 1000 or the Z1000 from Kawasaki. After all, you have one cruiser in the garage, why not add a more sporting ride to your stable and enjoy more than one type of riding.

I will predict, however, that once you sample what the above bikes can provide in terms of riding fun and increased performance, you won't be asking to borrow your old bike too often.
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The advice is for phillybill. I already know what bikes I like.
So what you said in a nutshell is that a question from this guy isn't news, but a question from you is? Makes sense to me. A news item was posted on the 19th and you must have missed it, because it was about a GPS recovery/tracking system installed on motorcycles. That would be the EXACT THING you were looking for. Maybe go back to the 19th in the news section, which was only 5 days ago and check out that thread.
1 - 2 of 80 Posts
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