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MO Reader Needs Advice

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You might find that an FZ1, ZX12 or Bandit 1200 is just what you are looking for, not to mention Suzuki's new SV 1000 or the Z1000 from Kawasaki. After all, you have one cruiser in the garage, why not add a more sporting ride to your stable and enjoy more than one type of riding.

I will predict, however, that once you sample what the above bikes can provide in terms of riding fun and increased performance, you won't be asking to borrow your old bike too often.
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The choices you mentioned are pretty much what I'd recommend , I have an '01 1200s Bandit that I ride pretty much as you described, specifically 80 mile commute and pass-thrashes, Mine so far @ 23kmi's hasn't had any problems, The Z-Rex is pretty cool too, for the money you can't go wrong with either one. After getting off a Vulcan and riding the 1200 Bandit or ZRX, you'll be happy your wife swiped the Vulcan, Nekkid sport standards are what bikes are supposed to look like, good performance, good handling and comfy ergo's make a bike you can do it all on, You might try a 1200 S Sportster, or Dyna Superglide, too, you'll pay more, and loose some performance, but if thats not the issue for you they are both great bikes, that in the long run are going to hold up well and not lose value as a Japanese bike will. Just get what works best for you, and ride the crap out of it.
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