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MO Reader Needs Advice

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You might find that an FZ1, ZX12 or Bandit 1200 is just what you are looking for, not to mention Suzuki's new SV 1000 or the Z1000 from Kawasaki. After all, you have one cruiser in the garage, why not add a more sporting ride to your stable and enjoy more than one type of riding.

I will predict, however, that once you sample what the above bikes can provide in terms of riding fun and increased performance, you won't be asking to borrow your old bike too often.
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I rode a Vulcan 750 as my first bike in 20 years. It was pretty fast for about 4 months, but then it was too slow. Fast cars could beat it off of a light. The front end is not confidence inspiring above 70mph, it feels as though it is floating and loose. I put 4500 miles on the Vulcan before I traded it in on an Aprilia Falco. I got a ZRX after 5 months with the Vulcan as a second bike and am extremely glad I did. I now have over 15,000 miles on it. You control the speed with the throttle. It doesn't go any faster than you make it go and there are upgrades / modifications for the ZRX all over the place. I have a rack and bags for the bike that allow me to carry a few things or a weeks worth of traveling gear. I can't say the same for the Vulcan 750, it really only has some aftermarket slipons and various bags available. Buy the ZRX, but check out if you still have questions!
how can it be a superior american motorcycle when there is no other american motorcycle it goes head to head with?

Buell has come a long way but I don't believe I would be using the word "superior" when describing it...
1 - 2 of 80 Posts
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