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MO readers get to ''Ask Ponch''!

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First post!

Were the close-up riding shots real or in the studio? (Lots of 'em look kinda' phoney to me!)
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I'd kind of like to know what Erik Estrada has to do with motorcycles at all. Does he even own a bike? It's kind of like asking Tom Hanks (Apollo 13) what it's like to be in outer space.

I'm not trying to be mean, but couldn't you get anyone decent for an interview?

I have one question, though.... How on earth did that terrible show stay on the air so long?

That's another one for the polls: What's the worst/best motorcycle show/movie you've ever seen.


Worst: Silver Dream Racer with Davix Essex (Although I haven't seen BikerBoyz yet)

Best: Any which way you can (if it counts)
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Dude, I used to watch reruns of that show when I was in preschool and grade school! I long for more CHiPs, but I haven't seen an episode in at least 10-12 years.

As much as I dislike getting tickets for not doing anything unsafe ("but you WERE technically breaking the law, so I'm gonna go ahead and f*ck you out of 150 bucks because I don't want to see you get hurt"), and having to put up with obese, condescending, power-trippin' pigs, I still have the strongest urge to give up engineering and be a moto- po po whenever I see one. Call me crazy.
Ask him how it feels to be regarded as an influence to those of us 30 somethings out there, who watched not the original episodes, but the reruns that were on after Scooby Doo, and on right before reruns of Gilligans Island and the Brady Bunch.

It wasn't classic tv at all, it was the only place a young man could see 2 guys on bikes chasing the likes of Dune Buggies and old Torinos. There must be a studio lot in L.A. somewhere where there are hundreds of 71-78 Ford Torinos in mint shape. But, my point here is that the show was important because of what it inspired in me. The love of a two wheeled machine. Your not an old Hollywood joke to me Ponch,,, Thanks for the memories...

If the interview is to have anything to do with motorcycles, shouldnt you be interviewing the stunt guys?

The foot dragging on the turns has always bugged me. Whats up with that?
Why? Talking to real CHP officers might be interesting but Erik Estrada? k'mon now.
For those not paying attention the first time

Pretend this is Jeopardy and please respond in the form of a question.

If you couldn't care less about CHiPs that's fine but for many of us, the show in general, and the characters of Ponch and Jon in particular were the virus that infected our pre-adolescent minds with motorcycle fever. Which makes for a nice trip down memory lane. Now let's try this again.

I know a couple ofguys who have been Hollywood stunt men and they (and I believe a few others) were dirt track and motocross riders.That may explain the foot draggin...its their style.
Answer: the shame that some of us feel upoin realizing that out moto-dreams were sparked by the KZ1000-P.

Question: What is the feeling that my balls are crawling up into my brainpan?

I used to watch the reruns, too. But for me, it was summertime; after Phil Donahue and before The Price Is Right.

Everyone I knew wanted a pair of those stormtrooper boots. Everyone I knew wanted to be the balding, wisecracking captain that was always make their lives difficult.

Evryone wanted to live in California where the weather was always good, the riding was always great, and the chicks they pulled over were always Farrah Fawcet. Bring on the 70s jive music.

I want to know about Estrada's booming career as a Spanish Soap Opera star.
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I want to know about the bikes. I have wondered how those KZ1000 were modified to take the jumping and off-roading that was common on the show. Or, did they just use stock bikes and junk them when the frames got bent?
Damn! I hate to admit this but I saw the ORIGINAL season and I think I was in highschool! DAMN I'M OLD!

I remeber the episode where Ponch and John have to ease up to this bozo on a brand new-just-off-the-showroom Z1(?) 900cc Kawasaki 'cause the dude was like, all frozen with fear and *****.

One of 'em hung on to the eased off the throttle while the other banged it down the gears... (Should have just pulled in the clutch but that's like what, 2 seconds and the other takes up minutes of DRAMA)... anyway they git the guy pulled over to the side and this proto-squid, (he's dressed like any other moto-dude of the '70 - no helmet, sleveless shirt, slacks and sneakers), swears off motorcyles and starts walking to the nearest off ramp.

Man, I bet there wasn't a Z1 to be found in a Kawasaki delaership in the lower 48 the day after that aired. Ask him if Kawasaki PAID them for that episode?

OBTW Years later I was pulled over on the 210 Fwy, (the same freeway I beleave they shot the show on before it opened to the public), by a young hispanic CHP officer... it was all I could do NOT to ask. "Ah, didn't you used to have your own TV show?"

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Re: For those not paying attention the first time

Answer: The guy with the Ponch and John virus.

Question: Who needs a shot of penicillin?

Hm, answer in the form of a question.... Ok How about this, What the heck happened to the interview with a real CHiP officer we were promised? We were asked to provide questions to ask the officer. Did it come out and I missed it?

Take care,

I heard a lot of them were done on a trailer that had both bikes on them!
Do CHP officers actually get outrun by Camaro's on city streets like on CHiP'S?
"Best: Any which way you can (if it counts)"


"On Any Sunday" must have slipped your mind...
That part is done. We're doing companion pieces on Estrada and the bikes they ride, and EBass wasn't supposed to be blabbing about future content to the public. It ruins the coolness of the surprise of having Ponch in with our CHP piece. Oh well. JB will have to take the boy's posting privileges!
You know, sad as it is to say, I've never seen it. It's on my ever lengthening "to do" list.
I'll also freely admit that Jon & Ponch got me interested in riding while I was a kid. Heck, where I used to work, my nickname was Ponch whenever I rode in! Here are my questions for Erik:

1. Does he actually ride when he's not doing a show (if so, what type of riding/bikes & how often)?

2. Has he considered being a spokesman for motorcyclist issues (although from a lot of the comments here it seems many riders doubt his credibility)?

3. Whatever happened to the gorgeous blonde cop on the show? And

4. Does she have a daughter? :)
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