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Seriously, you simply CANNOT conduct a test like this without a VFR in it. It might not win, but it did kinda create the class in the first place.

I have no doubt that the FJR is the best at going vast distances, just as you say. I know the Aprilia's and Triumphs are pretty damn good, probably better overall than my 96 VFR.

But here's the thing: A buddy and I recently put several thousand miles on his ST4 and my VFR, riding up to Orgegon to dice with some locals we knew on red hot sportbikes, then rode back, sometimes at speeds that should have got us arrested, and did four of five hundred miles a day without thinking too much about it.

Weather protection is of minimal concern here in California, so that big ass windshield on the FJR wouldn't have meant much, but even the slightly higher windshield I've put on my Honda keeps enough wind off that I've ridden through snow without feeling the least bit heroic.

The sport touring class, exemplefied by the kinds of bikes in this test (Plus the VFR) are the most astoundingly capable bikes on the planet, and one of them should be in your garage, if you have only one motorcycle, are over thirty (I'm 60, FYI) and actually get into a different time zone from time to time.
181 - 181 of 181 Posts
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