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MO writer in Okanogan Country, WA

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Good read. Thank you for sharing your experience. The real-world product reviews add extra color to the story.

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I didn't catch a price anywhere for the Forwarding Air service. How much was it for the roundtrip from Chicago-Seattle?
Dayumn, bro, I'm jealous. That sounds like the best vacation ever. Really beautiful bike too!!!
I hate to say it...

But they charge $475 each way, regardless of where you go in the USA. I don't know if they discount a round trip.

If you build your own crate, you can save a bundle, as they only charge $30 per 100 pounds. I shipped a 180 pound R6 motor for about $60, with all taxes and fees. Plus you can reuse the crate year after year, or even rent it out when you're not using it.
In '99 I had a choice. "97 Sport 1100 or Green Centaro. Next time I find one on e-bay, I shall simply ad the Centaro to the collection. It will fit between the Thunderbolt & the VR1000, behind the Lightning.

You shoulda' invited me you thoughtless bast--d! He He
Relevant product reviews, interesting travel stories, useful travel tips. Hire this boy if he's looking for employment. At least sign him on for some extended freelance work. I tip my hat in you general direction.
Those that believe "cars suck" have never driven a really good one.
You are on the wrong website my friend. Any enclosed 4 wheel vehicle is crap next to a good bike. Period.
Cars do suck:

- They suck resources,

- they suck funds out of local, state and federal budgets due to wear and tear on our roads and bridges,

- they suck the brains and commonsense out of normally fine human beings and

- they suck the life out of everyone who drives one.

They do have a purpose: if there's ice on the road it helps to have a cage around you and four wheels under it, if more than two people need to take the baby to the doctor, if a weeks worth of groceries need to be purchased, etc. but in most cases a good M/C can accomplish most travel requirements much better than even a "really good" car.

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Amen to that. I love my SUV and my pickup. For utilitarian duty, often times my bikes suck. But I love all of them dearly. The attitude that if one is good, the other must be bad, just does not make sense. It's a much more enjoyable world if you broaden your perspective a wee bit.
my wife and i travel this country several times a year from our home in idaho. if yourself in this locale, with no cabin to find, or even if you are riding east from seattle go over the north cascade highway if it's summer time. don't ride snoqualmie.

loup loup is a fine stretch of road but it pales when compared to the north cascades highway. the author was within about twenty miles of the pass. going west to east it may have increased his time by a couple hours at most with a huge benefit.

I just shipped a bike from Alabama to Arizona with Allied Van Lines. They put it on a pallet, and strap it down with tiedowns. The service is door to door, and if you ship to and from a business address as opposed to residential, it costs about $150 less. In my case the total cost was $463.
I work in that warehouse! (well did till 3wks ago)

heh, I wondered why the pics looked awfully familiar! Shipping via Allied is a very good thing. gives me/us lots of very unique bikes to stand and oggle while the boss man is looking the other way. Your "foooooork!" operator was probably John. I'm going to have to print the story out and show it to the guys.
Haven't ridden an SV650 or a Concours either. :)
Good writeup. It's also fun reading about our backyard, those are my regular summer rides from Seattle (got property in Winthrop, down the road from Twisp.) Too bad it'll be inaccessible in a few months, until next Spring. At least by any bike without spikey tires.

Nice job. It's refreshing to get so much info on the gear as well as the road and the bike. A great read.

You got me so excited, I may just have to check out the parkway this weekend. Hmm, Fall might be starting up there.

Darn useful article. Even the MOron chatter was (except for the car silliness on both sides) useful. Seems that there is a little life after Burns.
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