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Mods Vs. Rockers, Part Deux

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Re: Mods Vs. Rockers, Part Duex

Geez the people in the advertisment seem to be having so much fun!

They should do well in west hollywood!
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Re: Mods Vs. Rockers, Part Duex

Actually 50 cc is probably all you need on Ventura Blvd (At least the sherman oaks, studio city, encino area).

Another problem i see is that they are percieved as cute. It seems that when ever something gets marketed in the fashion of this scooter the dangerous aspect always seem to get lost in the fine print.

Motorcycles should have a bite or menance (looks wise) design into them as to say (Beware I Do Bite).
Re: Mods Vs. Rockers, Part Duex

Ahhh, finally an enemy worth crushing. I get tired of dicing it up with rice rocketeers, they just aren't used to getting wasted from a rocker on a Triumph. But Vespa riding mods, thats some good beatens!

See ya on the road,

Mr. Modsmasher
Re: Mods Vs. Rockers, Part Duex

Had to get that dig at Harleys and cruisers, generally, in there didn't ya? Actually, I don't like Harleys either, but I don't see their relevance to this discussion.
Re: Mods Vs. Rockers, Part Duex

Back in '92 I went cross-country on a Vespa P200E. It was fun, but those things are noisy, ill-handling, have crummy brakes and are prone to seizure under harsh conditions. I hope the new ones are better.

I assume the 150 is a four-stroke, since it's being sold here. That should be pretty good. I hope they also learned how to build a chasis that isn't overly light in the front and has wheels that are in line with each other! (The older ones have offset wheels!)

Here in San Francisco, there are tons of 50cc scooters being sold, some of them for over $3,000. I think Vespa will do very well.
Mean bikes

Is this a blatant referrence to the Yamaha R-series lineup?
Re: Mean bikes

No its not a direct reference. I love The R'seriselook. It has a uncomprising purposeful design. Bikes that to the middle or try to be cute in their design just do not do it for me.
50cc's of love

Man, I don't know, I've never ridden one in SF! I think they do OK, though, ther's only a few streets that I think would be a problem, and there are plenty of better alternate routes.

I'm terrified of riding very small scooters- they just feel so wobbly and dangerous! and, man, there's a lot of incredibly bad drivers here, ranging from the dot-commer with cell-phone-ear and Range Rover to Madame Nhu in her S-class slamming on the brakes in the middle of Geary Boulevard to pick up an aluminum can! No place for something without a lot of power, brakes, and stability.

Funny how people who are scared of motorcycles see scooters as somehow safer. Talk about self deception!
Re: 50cc's of love

There so cute....theres no possible way that they could be dangerous.
Who would pay 4 grand for a dinky scooter when you can get a real motorcycle for so much less? No wonder Vespa is going the "boutique" route to market it.

I took a vacation to Europe this summer, and the scooters were everywhere, especially in Rome. There, the superior maneuverability of scooters let riders slice through traffic like a fork through lasagne. But the ones who were really in command were riding Yamaha Majesty 250's and Suzuki Burgman 400's -- big luxo sleds with real power. The poor saps on the smaller ones always looked a little anxious, afraid they were going to get run over from behind by diesel busses and Fiat taxis. "La Dolce Vita" is cool, all right, but only if you have some power.

Good luck Vespa; you'll need it.
Re: Mods Vs. Rockers, Part Duex

Piss Off. What in the hell do you know? What iron lacks in "twist the throttle & go", which idiots such as yourself do, is made up for in pure, unadulterated skill.

Breathe my oil smoke, jerky.
Re: 50cc's of love

Its sounds as if SF drivers are just like LA drivers. where did it all go wrong?
I hope it didn't replace the amp shop on the corner!

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