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First Post! woo hoo!

I read that article in the christian science monitor this am, thru

I'm tellin' ya, scoots are looking VERY appealing to this long time (50 YO, 32+ years inthe saddle.) motorcyclist. two dealerships are vying to sell me a yamaha majesty: 400cc, 39claimed hp, HUGE underseat storage, 60+ REAL mpg, excellent weather pro...

Its looking more and more to me like the perfect commuter vehicle...
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Honda needs to start selling the Super Cub here again. Cheap, simple, functional, reliable and tremendous mileage. No way in hell I'll pay over $7K for a scooter, like some of the bloated beasts on the market today (SilverWing, Bergman)

I wish a manufacturer would design a scooter that doesn't look like a scooter. The step through design just ruins it for me. Something with the bodywork of a Derbi, but the price of a zuma, that's what I'm talking about.
The article is moronic (as usual for this place.) Mopeds have pedals. Scooters are not mopeds.

Why is riding a scooter like dating a fat girl?

Because both are a lot of fun until your friends find out.
They are the future. Funny how they started so far in the past. No really, The Italians can be thanked for this one. When WWII ended they had all those aircraft plants wondering what the h3ll to do. Piaggio and Vespa ARE the grandfathers but Piaggio's Derbi and the Malaguti cool kids on the block.
I ride a Burgman 650 - and though expensive - It is very comfortable for a longish highway commute followed by bumper to bumper inner city work -

NOT something for a Honda Cub type bike to even try....

Both are fun to ride but you wouldn't want anyone to know you do it!
This may be hard for you to follow but the marketing for these machines have been set as "moped" since the first Cub was introduced. The Eupoean market sets up all scooters in the moped market.
I like Yamaha's motorized mountain bike concept, only with a bit more beef in the frame and engine and a bit lower seat.
I was all set to get a Yamaha Morphous when Husqvarna made the TEs street legal. did i mention yet i have new TE250?

google up some of the custom Morphouses in Japan they are outrageous... or is that Morphus? i forget...

I don't understand why more people don't ride the big scoots in mediterranean climes like SoCal. O, gas used to be so cheap why bother. i fear those days are done.
Scooters are cool.

That said, I'm mystified why they can't be made to look more like real motorcycles. A lot of people are put off by shifting, but don't like the scooter look - there's a huge untapped market here.

I would love to buy a Honda Supercub in a 125cc version. It was a great idea when introduced as a 50cc bike and would be even better now. In Texas, 50cc is just not enough power but 125cc is a good compromise between speed and economy.
Because you can't flap on your cell phone and ride a scooter at the same time.
Sure you can flap on the fone and ride a scooter. Boat-style swivel cup holders would be *****en also...

main advantage is u can wear a skirt too...
I agree. I was just reading that Honda had sold its 50 millionth Super Cub recently, and was thinking it would be nice to have one for my five mile commute.
I saw a guy eating a sub sandwich yesterday on his scooter, cutting through traffic. Scooter riders are frequently completely insane.
Got some bugz up your ass today bugzzzzz?
One of those zipped past me on the freeway a few months ago. I'd never seen one before.
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