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More 1400 Bandit Rumors

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Neat machine! Bring it over, Suzuki.

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If your friends are waiting for the Yamaha FJ1300, it won't be coming to the states or Canada. I was at the motorcycle show in Toronto in early January. A bunch of our group from Cleveland specifically went there to see teh Canadian models/colors, hoping for the FJ. But we didn't find it at Yamaha, and a manufacturer's rep explained that they aren't bringing that model to North America at all.

So you'll have to go to Europe to get an FJ for now.
Re: Why reinvent the wheel?

That's a very good idea. But I think the engine changes (I hate the term detune, I prefer retune) are desired by some people. It is more than the riding position, they may need more power down low, especially if doing any serious touring with lots of luggage or a passenger.

But I would love to have a "touring kit" for my F4. There's been some long rides that I've done where some of the comfort features of that kit would help. But then I'd lose a little of the hard edge.
Re: I tend to agree... NOT

Well I don't agree with the statement "Most full-tilt sportbike owners .... are exactly that --posers ..."

Just because somebody owns a full-tilt sport bike (which is a vague statement, but I think I understand you) and doesn't ride it on the track, does not make them a poser. The poser is the one who rides his bike to the local hangout for breakfast/lunch/dinner/drinks/BS but never really takes it out on the road. Or the guys who just ride up and down the freewayboulevard real fast. Sport bikes are made for the twisty roads. that is where they are fun. Sure I could ride a less hard edged bike with somewhat similar performance, but that almost always means a serious increase in weight (compare an F4 to a VFR).

I have a sport bike to ride in the twisty roads. Unfortunately in the Cleveland Ohio area we have to ride a ways to get to the good twisty roads. I don't "pose" with my bike, which is where the term "poser" comes from.
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1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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