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Here is some info lifted from the pommie motor cycle news.

"Suzuki's GSX1400 will be a four-cylinder retro machine designed to compete with 1970s-style musclebikes like Kawasaki's ZRX1200 and Yamaha's XJR1300SP.

But it could out-muscle them all by being one of the most powerful retro-style machines in the world, with around 140bhp and similarly impressive levels of torque.

The bike marks the end of the line for Suzuki's long-serving GSX-R1100-based oil-cooled motor, which is used in the Bandit 1200 and the current GSF1200S.

The replacement design will also be oil-cooled, but is expected to introduce fuel injection to comply with more stringent emissions regulations due to be introduced in many markets soon. Europe's first wave of tighter rules comes into force next year.

Whatever the engine's technological advances, the chassis remains distinctly old-fashioned. The backbone design has a pair of conventional, right-way-up forks bolted to it, with a twin shock set-up at the rear.

The styling will make it look like a pukka 1970s machine, with a bulbous fuel tank, round headlight and chrome megaphone exhausts.

Suzuki will raid its parts bins for wheels, suspension and brakes. They will come from existing models, most probably the GSF1200S.

The bike will probably appear at shows towards the end of the year and go on sale in early 2002 for around £6500 - though Suzuki GB refuses to even acknowledge its existence."

So there you go.
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