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More Bad News: CA Dunes Partially Closed

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If the area is worth saving as a off-road recreational area then go after the remaining acerage. If we could organize a offical offroad group that would have dues and pehaps the capacity to raise funds for the outright purchase of the land. Also present to the public a well thought out land use plan that shows that we are thinking not only about how we would like to use the land but to include others.

As far as the acerage that has been lost...its spilt milk. Lets not focus on what has been done to us but what we can do.

Or we could arm ourselves with guns as long as our arms....and shoot dowm anyone who has done us harm (Jeffery Lee Pierce/GunClub)
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Re: Save The Environment - Plant A Mall

You must be a city dweller, and a smug one at that. Snowmobiling is no longer a marginal ******* sport, if it ever was. It has become a big winter recreational activity for the middle class here in Ontario. People spend a lot for their machines and gear, and for services while touring (gas, hotel rooms, etc). In any case, snowmobiles are wrecking the environment. If anything is, it's the demands for energy of the large urban areas.
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