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More bullsh*t from Komrade Klintons Administration. I lived in the California high desert (around Mojave) for 11 years, and I can tell you it's hard to hurt sand and dirt. Yeah, you could go out of your way to be an a-hole and run over the desert turtle's, and flowers, but that's true of anyone, even the enviro-nazi's. I've been to the sand dunes of New Mexico, and, if the area in Ca. was like it, there's NO WAY we could do any damage. On the dunes, THERE IS NO VEGETATION. PERIOD. How can you possibly kill what ISN'T THERE!? The prevailing winds change the dunes constantly. 80,000 off-roaders? Sounds like we outnumbered the enviro-nazi's. Oh, and about the noise? Like a little cheese with that whine? I happen to believe very strongly that loud pipes save lives. What's louder, your pipe, or the cheesy horn bolted to todays bikes? I've had idiots encroach into my lane, oblivious to my horn, untill I gave them a blast of throttle. Besides, you actually think the noise is going to scare a lizard or 2? Ever heard of LIGHTNING? That's all-natural, try to ban that.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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