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More Bad News: CA Dunes Partially Closed

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If the area is worth saving as a off-road recreational area then go after the remaining acerage. If we could organize a offical offroad group that would have dues and pehaps the capacity to raise funds for the outright purchase of the land. Also present to the public a well thought out land use plan that shows that we are thinking not only about how we would like to use the land but to include others.

As far as the acerage that has been lost...its spilt milk. Lets not focus on what has been done to us but what we can do.

Or we could arm ourselves with guns as long as our arms....and shoot dowm anyone who has done us harm (Jeffery Lee Pierce/GunClub)
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Re: Save The Environment - Plant A Mall

You must be a city dweller, and a smug one at that. Snowmobiling is no longer a marginal ******* sport, if it ever was. It has become a big winter recreational activity for the middle class here in Ontario. People spend a lot for their machines and gear, and for services while touring (gas, hotel rooms, etc). In any case, snowmobiles are wrecking the environment. If anything is, it's the demands for energy of the large urban areas.
Join the AMA!!! It is an easy way to show support for your hobby and/or life. A 1 year memebership is about the same cost as a night at the bar, actually cheaper for some of us. There is power in numbers, and I don't know a better way to band together.
Re: Enviromental Issues Cause Motorcyclist Schism

Re: Enviromental Issues Cause Motorcyclist Schism

I've been censored!!! I ment to say Puck you!!! Use your imagination.
Re: City dwellers know...

Are you picking a fight? "Cracker?"

The ignorance that is in place in the cities has you believing that all the trees in this country were here when the pilgrims landed. The truth is lumber companies planted most of them. Now you city dwelling tree huggers blindly accuse the lumber companies of destoying THEIR land. Ever been to the "sticks" in Colorado. Get a tour of some of these places. There are areas where the trees are so thick you can't see 20 feet through them, that used to be a baseball feld before the horrible lumber companies came through and planted.

I hate how every time I go camping more of my rights and freedoms are taken away by the people in the city that don't know squat about what it is like in the country.
Re: Untouched earth? I wish I could laugh...

No, I won't be glad they didn't close the whole thing because as with all things these groups manage to foist on others ... it's but the tip of their agenda iceberg.

The fact of the matter is that there is more than enough land available to allow different sectors of the public to use as they see fit. Ever crossed Texas? Ever ridden the Rockies? Wyoming? New Mexico? Etc, etc?

Here in Texas, this administration and the groups which support it have succeeded in closing many riding areas that weren't previously a bother to anyone.

It's happening now, all around you, every day, every night. There is a well organized effort afoot that seeks to close public land to humans.

So go ahead and celebrate that they "didn't close the whole thing", but don't expect too many to
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