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The latest issue of Rider Magazine is once again touting Washington State as a tourist destination....Gentle reader, this is a shamefaced attempt by Utah and California to divert tourist traffic and congestion away from their beautiful picturesque and sparsley populated roads where temperatures are a balmy 75 degrees and sunny and gas cost $.99 a gallon up here to cold, rainy and congested Washington, where the roads are so beat up you need 4 wheel drive to check the mail, gas cost $18.99 for regular (when you can find it),******** in beat-up pickups regularly take pot-shots at motorcyclists for sport and volcanos and earthquakes erupt at frequant intervals.

I've had the sad misfortune to be trapped in this nightmarish place most of my life and I've never even seen those roads, they are surely taken in the picturesque state of Utah and flagrenty peddled as Washington State for the simple intent of luring then robbing unsuspecting tourists as they cross the heavily fortified border of the Peoples Democratic Republic of Washington

Don't fall for it!!!! fore-warned is fore-armed, do yourself a favour and visit Utah, Oregon and California....Trust me, you'll be thankful you did !
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