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No, I think there will be no pot stirring here. Yes, a worthy cause.
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hah just so you know moveon doesn't support protesting at funerals ;)

I'm not for the war but I believe the troops deserve thanks just the same. I believe you can be against the war but for the troops.

protesting at a funeral is pretty messed up no mater who is doing it.
Actualy if anything they are right wing not left. Taken from their site - "They are second in evil only to the modern day Saduccees (i.e., bleeding heart liberals)."

(just trying to move some wrongly placed fuel away from the fire)
"Imagine if a bunch of neo-cons were at a funeral of a gay guy who died of AIDS doing something like this."

Isn't that exactly what this was? well except this wasn't an AIDS death (the same people of course picket those as well)

I wonder if there is a group that tries to block them at AIDS death pickets?
why do you say he wanted Kerry in the white house when he says himself that the lefts are worse than the rights?
what your registered as doesn't determine your vote though. I agree it's not that relavent which is why I find it odd you guys keep trying to make it sound like he voted for kerry. He stoped voting democat when he started the anti-gay thing in ernest and picketed the funeral of gore serior I believe, and spoke out very much against al gore when he ran against bush.

since he started focusing on anti-gay stuff, though he hasn't changed his registered party it sure sounds like he's changed his votes.

At any rate he's a nut and I don't wish his infulence in any political party.
yes he says on his website that the republican party is better than the democratic party. (though he says they're both bad). no speculation.

BUT yes he did vote democrat before al gore ran, and actualy did fund raising for the democratic party.

News articles have said even though his party has changed he hasn't bothered to change his party registration.

It sounds like your the one grasping for a kerry vote.

who knows though maybe he didn't vote. If he did though wouldn't he vote for the one he liked better?
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Uh he does protest at gay/AIDS funerals.

so your claiming even though he protests against democrates, speaks against them on his own site he still votes for them?

well that's all just speculation on your part, speculation in complete oposition to everything I have sited where as the only thing you've sited is that he's registered democrat.

heck you didn't even think he protested at gay funerals. Do you have anymore actual information?
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