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No, I think there will be no pot stirring here. Yes, a worthy cause.
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Hell attacking Mexico would have been much cheaper logistically speaking. Plus the average Mexican would probably be happy that the US was annexing their country. It would save all them the trouble of having to relocate here!
Never underestimate the power of machismo.
Deja bleeping vu

These extreme actions and reactions of those in opposition AND those in support are part I guess of every war, but the similarities to Vietnam are unspeakably depressing to me.

In 1970 I was one of those 200,000 or so vets in all who returned wounded from that war- you remember, the one that Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Limbaugh et al sat out...

Now, as I object to my President doing to this generation what was done to mine (ask us to fight a war that cannot be won for a people who don't want us there for reasons that have all been proven to be lies; that was my war, sound familiar?) , I am branded by him and his fellow non-combatant henchmen as a Terrorist-enabling Nazi-appeasing morale-destroying confused unpatriotic dupe of the liberal media...

And the division between us all, the hatred and contempt held by Americans for one another has returned to the levels at which it was then.

And it alternately enrages me and depresses me.

So I come to to get away from all the bullsplat... oops, that doesn't work, does it.

So I guess I'll throw my blown-up shattered leg over my politically incorrect old RC30 (or I could pi$$ everybody off and take the old XR750 miler out) and take my gray-ponytailed shrapnel-shredded self on a ride at socially irresponsible speeds using up the petroleum we fight for, and get flipped off by the HOGsters and the SUV soccer moms and hope I don't get chased by a cop on a BMW who of course should be riding a Harley... and know that no matter where I go, no matter how fast, I can never get away from the bullsplat... not even at

I am a bitter old fahrt a$$hole, sorry for wasting the bandwidth, don't worry, I won't be back... and I know, good riddance I won't be missed...
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Re: Deja bleeping vu

Hey, it’s up to people with your experience inform the people that blindly follow the patriotic BS of those that would waste the lives of our family members. I am not a wounded war vet like you, however we are about the same age. I lost friends and people that I admired in that war of stupidity and corruption that left you full of palpable bitterness. Every time I hear state sponsored vomit like "Stay the course" I can't help but remember those that are lost to us for all of the wrong reasons. I also have two teenage grandsons, and an eight year old son. I personally feel that it is the duty of everyone that has the wherewithal to see through the government's propaganda to speak up at every opportunity so more of our young lives are not squandered. You can go if you want, but I for one will miss you.
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Re: Deja bleeping vu

a) 70% of Americans agree with you about the Iraq War... it just doesn't seem that way because the other 30% are so loud

b) I'll be glad to take that RC30 off your hands if you ever get tired of it. IMHO it's one of the most gorgeous motorcycles ever made.
Re: Deja bleeping vu

I know how you feel, so many of the posts that are discussed in this website are so far off target that it gets really frustrating at times.

The one thing I do not agree with, is that you would not be missed, you would, your point of view is much more consistent with what subjects should be on this MOTORCYCLE website, instead of all the other crap that pops up left and right.
I'll just compare my KPPI with 'em (that's K-Paul Peaceluvver Index), THAT's sure to make them back down...........
"perhaps you should scrap that "non-violent means" stuff. A good beat down might keep the protestor types from ruining anymore funerals."

I'd love to oblige those POS-SOB's - BUT, it's not my call.

Besides, that SOB Phelps uses his grandchildren and such as a part of his litany of hate - *I* am not going to beat a child for anything the adult behind pushed them into.
So every democrat supports the gay movement? Sure ... the guy is a democrat, just like that moron Dean. no ifs, no buts, no maybes.

Sorry you don't like it but that is just what he is.
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