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Re: Market Barometer?

With due consideration to the winter season, mild fear of an economic dip/recession, and recent bankruptcy news, there does seem to be a regional buildup of unsold (new) bikes in some HD dealerships. It is most evident in areas plagued by dealers who routinely market at over MSRP. This is somewhat predictable as more and more customers are willing to travel to purchase a bike at (or near) MSRP. However, I think a more telling indicator is the resale prices (as relfected in actual consumated sales - not the advertised sale pricing) of the "formerly owned" HD motorcycles. These "real world" numbers will bear watching as spring begets summer... and the used Harley market sinks further. If one is in the market for an older evo HD, bargains will be prevalent. It would not surprise me to see many late model Twin-cam models for sale (with the owner assuring all potential buyres the the inherent "bearing issue" has been addressed..). It will likely be sporadic at first - not all areas will be initially impacted; but It may indeed be that HD's magnificent marketing machine cannot overcome the growing dissatisfaction and attrition of its presumed market base. Customer profiling and target group sampling will not compensate for mediocrity of product. Any viable manufacturer must competitively improve or suffer diminished sales - brilliant "lifestyle marketing" notwithstanding.

This is just one man's observations and subsequent expectations... but it is perhaps worthy of contemplation.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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