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There was a biker, rich man, and priest out hunting in the wastelands of Africa. They get captured by a tribe of natives and are brought to the council chief. The Chief tells the trio that they were caught trespassing on a sacred burial ground and must be punished. The punishments are BUNGA Bunga or death.

The priest is offered his punishment first. He thinks for a moment and comes to the conclusion that nothing could be worse than death so he chooses BUNGA BUNGA. The thousand natives all start yelling BUNGA BUNGA , and run up and screw him in the tail.

The rich man is second to choose. He doesn't want to get screwed but figures he has a wonderful wife, kids, and life that he doesn't want to throw away by death. Plus no one has to know so he chooses BUNGA BUNGA. The natives chant BUNGA BUNGA, run up, and screw him in the tail.

The biker is last and is sickened as to what has happened. No way is he choosing the same fate as his friends. He defiantly shouts, I choose death!! The chief, with a smile says, Death by BUNGA BUNGA!!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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