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More record earnings for Ducati

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Nice cut and paste.
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Hmmm. Looks like the first world countries have been pretty affluent for the past little while. Upscale bikes like Harley and Ducati ('luxury' items) have been selling rather well. Let's hope this continues... particularly if a Duc ends up in my garage!
Wish they'd post unit sales numbers as well. How much of this increased revenue is due solely to the big jump in prices from last year?

I guess I'm not unhappy, though. Nice to see someone still doing well in this economy. Looking forward to 2002 and seeing what goes on then, and especially if the 620 i.e. is as good as I've seen so far.
these millions are nothing compared to the

monies the owners of these bikes will have

to spend to keep them running......
Who buys these things? They must put them in a

glass case in their living rooms! I never see one on

the street! I'd buy a Monster 900 if I didn't think

a Bandit 600 would stomp my butt! And for some

reason I have this silly notion that if the alternator

went out after the bike was out of warranty, it

would cost $600 to get it fixed?
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I used to feel the same way...

...until I demo rode an ST2 and an ST4. If I had the $$$ I'd get one in a heartbeat. And by the way, Ducs are not unreliable, but the scheduled maintenance is expensive. Try to get a demo ride, you might become one of the "ducatisti". The bikes are such a joy to ride that I would gladly pay the maintenance.
I'd call Ducati the most popular bike on the Grizz

The Grizzly Peak Boulevard is the premier twisty ridgetop view road in the Frisco bay area. On my daily mental health break scoot on it, I see Ducatis more than any other brand of bike, no kidding.
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