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MO's World Supersport Shootout Preview

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Re: MO

sweet! I hope you guys used the 748S!
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Working... yeah right

You call that work? I had to sit in front of a keyboard all day and slave away pecking at keys. I even managed to send out e-mail!

You owe us big time, MO! I expect nothing less than a full litre bike review, Hyabusa vs. ZX-12R vs. Blackbird, *and* an essay on procrastination within the next month. Failing that I'll have no choice but to post more nasty messages that make me sound like a lunatic.

P.S. Any idea if you'll be able to squeeze in a buyers guide for more mundane items like gloves and what not?
Re: Working... yeah right

Sorry for your work dilemma. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Oh, and we'll get cranking on that article on procrastination... just as soon as we finish a few other things first.
Re: MO

Yes, we did use the 748S with its Showa suspension (Ti-nitride-coated forks are tre' cool), Marchesini rims and adjustable steering head angle.

Nice pit bike? It's a nice bike -- period. You might like it even more if you got one on the track. Mucho fun!
Re: MO

The gearshift lever "snapped off"!?!?!?! LOL!! Typical cheap Suckzuki crap. Sure they go fast but for how long and at what price. Funny stuff.
after reading all these comments...

I think what we're trying to tell you guys is..*drip...wipe mouth with sleeve*....COOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!

do some big smoky burnouts for us ;)!
Re: MO Survey Results?

Did you tabulate the 600 c.c. results? Are you in fact going to listen to your readership and put street testing first?
Re: MO

Why would the Honda be a cheater ? Its a new design for '01 so it may be the fastest. Do you know who has won the most 600 supersport races and titles ? Try Duhamel and Honda, and I doubt the A.M.A. 's teardown would allow cheater bikes. So would you like to refrase your comment ? I'm not saying the saying the Honda will be first either, I'm saying your making accusations based on either yours or somone elses !
Re: MO

Does stand for "puckered old sphincter" cause that's the only thing I can think of from your moronic post. You even admit that Suzuki's are fast and the fact is that if you can lean a bike over far enough to snap the gear shift lever off then it's already past the point most bikes can handle. Bend over and get the Shaft !
Re: MO

Did you read this article? it said the gearshift snapped off. It didn't say he laid the bike down. that tells me that he was awful low in the corner. I would say that is a bike that handles quite well and a rider that can "RIDE!" Ever drug a footpeg? doesn't always have the best results! :)
Re: MO

So far, I know that you'll be testing the Gixxer, the R6, and the Duc 748. No doubt you'll throw the Honda in, too. Did you get your tentacles on a Triumph? Surely, the Axis Powers can't be the only ones invited to a "world shootout." How about the Buell Blast? (Just kidding.)
Hey, Squid Without A Name:

Anyone with a brain realizes that how a bike performs on the street is more important than how a race-prepped version performs on the track. If the track was all that counted, then even these latest-and-greatest 600's wouldn't mean a damn thing. Any 250 GP bike would eat them all for lunch with room left over for dessert.
Re: MO

I don't think Triumph will give them bikes in the U.S. for testing anymore. Not suprising considering how many of them MO has destroyed.
Re: Who wants to bet that there is no "Street" content?

As long as they tell us how the test is weighted it doesn't matter. Read everything you can from as many sources as possible. Then buy what you like.
Re: Who wants to bet that there is no "Street" content?

Will be a disapointment if that's the way they go, it's show's they don't even "take their own POLLS, seriously! I guess the best we can get is when "RIDER" does a review on a 600SS machine, which isn't often but it gives some clue on what it takes to make a 600SS a sport tourer/commuter.
Re: MO Survey Results?

Anonymous Squid, fit's this guy perfect, oh well, he'll be a "buring star" and go away "decreasing the surplus motorcyclist population ;)
cheater bikes explained

Traditionally, cheater bikes ARE stock motors and stock bikes, but they represent a "pick of the litter" so to speak, or perhaps hand tailored a small amount. The parts would all be perfectly balanced, imperfections hand worked to perfection internally, etc. You've heard of port and polishing an engine, right? Just basically making the motor just a bit smooth running, and in exchange, you get horsepower.

That said, the comment is typical "my brand is best" type of a comment. I bet the Honda, Suzi, and Yamaha are all neck and neck for first place rights. IMHO, you can't go wrong with any of the 600s, specifically those three. Whichever look or brand you like most, buy that. So if I was getting one, I would go with the Honda, it's now the best looking for MY personal tastes, great horsepower, and good old Honda fit and finish and comfort without sacrificing performance. People whine about it still having rubber coated pegs, but the first thing people change out for ANY track bike, is the rearsets and pegs, so who cares? I used to say, "who cares about comfort on the street, I want performance!" but after having an F3, and now on a gixxer750, I REALLY miss that comfort.

Just some stuff to think about.

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It's all subjective

I know everyone says this so much, about how close they all are, but they really are! The manufacturers outdo themselves year after year, you can't go wrong with any 600 these days. Go for looks, go for favorite brand.

Ok, win picks thread

Here is my pick for what I think MO will choose:

1 - Honda F4i

2 - Suzuki GSX-R 600

3 - Yamaha R6

4 - Ducati 748s

5 - Kawasaki ZX6r

6 - anything else they might test :)

This is my picks, and what I think they will go with. Let the debate (translation: fighting) begin!

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Re: MO Survey Results?

1st its Fast Bikes magazine.

2nd can you tell me were they put R6 down??? I have the video of the 600 shootout of 2000 but the new shootout (with '01 bikes) I couldn't find it.

3rd if they voted it to finnish last in the line up it couldn't be for that much so, in real life, it will depend on the road an mostly the driver...

in the end what I mean is:

"only thee who have finger nails can play the guitar" -- attemp to translate a portuguese popular saying (I've done my best :))
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