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Motard Madness

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Woo Hoo! Its comin to ST.Louis huh? I'm there, baby! Not a much of a ride at all from Good ol' KC! Yesssssss!!!
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Check out midwest supermotard. There's a whole season of supermoto racing happening in St. Louis this year. The national round will be a blast. I definitely plan on racing in the regional premier class, and I think I'm going to try to qualify for the National points event too. This supermoto thing is really taking off!
Thanks so much for the info, guess I've been too busy doing stupid stuff like homework.
Sometimes you can catch the European rounds on "Motorsports Mundial" on Speed Channel.

The "Briggs and Stratton Motorplex"?
You would prefer the Tampex Motorplex?

Back in the Day Durex sponsored the British Suziki Superbike team :)
Durex sponsorship would be somewhat cool, and would appeal to the majority of the people who watch racing. It's just that Briggs and Stratton are one of the last companies I would associate with racing, and I doubt that most people watching Superbike have a lot of genuine interest in lawnmowers.
Capt. Whoopass writes, "...I doubt that most people watching Superbike have a lot of genuine interest in lawnmowers."

What, are you kidding? Remove that B&S lump from your lawn tractor, drop in a GSXR-1000 mill and nitrous bottle and you could mow down the Amazon! :)
...and turn it into a racing series and you could call it Super Mowertard!
Hey now, it was B & S that got me into the two wheeled world! Prior to the racing 80 pumped up mini bikes ruled the scene. I have way to many fond memories of my bonanza framed 4hp B&S powered paint shaker. That thing smoked the old Mini Trail 50's. Still to this day everytime I fire up the lawn mower I get a smile on my face.
Go cart tracks are ideal for supermoto racing. That's what we use down here in St. Louis, the Gateway Carting Club's facility. It's very technical, 9 turns in 1/2 mile, with speeds over 70mph on the straight.
Briggs and Stratton are one of the last companies I would associate with racing

Ever heard of go karting? Cool things, go karts. Some people even create big tracks for them.

Now go soak your head!
My god, you just can't let that go.

The COOL karts (shifter karts) use two-stroke dirtbike engines, not lawnmower engines.
Did you see the nifty Briggs & Stratton twin? 30ft*lbs plus of peak torque. Ought to mow like a champ.

C'mon... you know it now. Briggs & Stratton has a racing division. They have the money to be a venue sponsor for the kart track at Road America. Motard events are often run at kart tracks. It all makes perfect sense.

Now go soak your.... oh never mind.
Latest word is that the St. Louis round will be at the UMB Pavillion (formerly Riverport), and be promoted by Clear Channel... the folks who bring you AMA Supercross.

Also heard a rumor that Husqvarna factory rider Eddie Seel will be competing at all rounds of this new series. Very very cool.

I'm hoping that if I can get out on the track for the national event that he will lap me at least once close to a photographer.
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