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Moto GPS/Pager Security?

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You could try a Tazer hooked to a motion sensor. It would be simple, efficient and viciously effective.

Or, you could buy a Honda PC800. Can't imagine anyone stealing one of those.
How about that gawdawful furry bodywork stuff they used to put on sportbikes in the late 90s? A few months ago I saw a bunch of those cats with furry CBR 929's. It was hideous. I really like those old 929s and wouldn't mind someday buying one used, but those cats couldn't give me their bikes.

They have a system for ya. I bought a radardector from the outfit works great. It's called GPS Tracker
Any LoJack derivatives out there for Moto's?
Someone stole the whole front end off my bike back in August. Insurance totalled the remains. I feel for you.

I don't know of any paging/tracking systems for bikes. Sorry.

But I do feel you pain.
the cell phone message could say...

hey MOron better start running, i hope you're close to your bike, good luck


hey MOron someone's stealing your bike and you can't do anything about it

on the other hand the tracking system sounds like a better idea.
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Over here in Norway we have something called a Guard System. A GPS tracking device is installed on the bike (secret location decided by you), and Guard Systems traces the stolen car or bike. Your insurance company will pay for the tracing, by aircraft if necessary. As an additinoal bonus you can expect a hefty reduction in your fully comp insurance... Pricey at around $ 1,000.00 + installation, though.
Why not place a "Bouncing Betty" under the side stand with the weight of the bike holding the pin down...........

That or good insurance. If my bike got stolen I'd let State Farm buy me a new one I guess
Depends. Lots of collateral damage from a bouncing betty. Might be bad news if the bike is parked near a school.

A good idea if you are parked at a rap concert though.
You could always place a pressure-triggered M80 under the seat, as long as you always remembered to disarm it before you get on your bike.
Rig up a conductive section on the seat that is electrically isolated from the rest of the bike. Then hook up a 15,000volt powersupply that completes the circuit when someone sits on the bike and grabs the handlebars.

The only downside here is forgetting to disarm the system before you get on the bike. That's the main reason I've never done it.
You'll have to buy a Harley

H-Ds factory security system includes an optional pager. If your rig is disturbed the pager beeps and you run out praying the whole time that you're bigger than the guy trying to steal yer scoot.

Once again Harley-Davidson leads the way.
Re: You'll have to buy a Harley

Overhead valves, hydrolic lifters, electronic fuel injection, front AND rear adjustable suspension and now this.......Harley Davidson blazes a trail into the 21st century for all to follow ........

(Cue Capra-esque martial music)
Re: You'll have to buy a Harley

Don't forget cd player, MP3 player, cruise control, heated grips and a GPS device that will help you find the nearest pharmacy.
Actually , just sending the voltage from the coils would be enough to stop someone. Just some extra wire, and afew switches. but again one will remember to disarm system, after the first time you forget.
Re: You'll have to buy a Harley

Why do you need a pharmacy, all Harley riders have drugs hidden in their motorcycles crankcase
Re: You'll have to buy a Harley

Is that webwizard works your company?

Moved on from selling insurance to old people huh?
Re: You'll have to buy a Harley

If you ride a Geezer Glide you need a real pharmacy due to your advanced age.

That actually is a friend's company. He provides our web hosting and email services so I just thought I'd throw his link up there for a while.
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