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Moto Guzzi Lemans

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Hey Pete,

the V11 Series are a great bike irrespective of some of the comments you may read, I have a 2002 Scura Sports. The only teething problem with the V11's around that vintage is the gearbox shift lever spring is prone to breakage. It is not either a big or expensive job to replace, check with the owner if it has been done and the spring journal has to be 15mm in diameter. This aside they are a great sports touring machine with little maintanence that can normally be carried by the average owner.

For further info check out the

website, they have a wealth of knowledge and information available.


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I had an '01 V11 Sport that I bought new, and I had a few problems with the bike. You may or may not have heard about the "relays" problem. Mine had it and I had to buy and carry around a bag of spare ones in case one of the 4 or 5 failed. The lights and/or instruments would stop working. The OEM relays were Bosch, but they weren't sized properly or something (can't remember the exact issue) Or perhaps it was due to vibration. Also, my tach failed at about 500 miles. I could have gotten it replaced under warranty, but was told the wait could be weeks/months. So I had Palo Alto Speedo in CA fix it for about $180. Guzzi did cover the cost of this under warranty, which was nice. Aside from these issues, the bike was unique, gorgeous and fun. I'd still say, go for it!
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