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Moto Guzzi Releases the Norge in the UK.

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Youch! If they bring that thing here and try to sell it for those prices...

And I thought the RT was over priced. I guess if you have a trasverse twin and shaft drive you can (try to) charge anything.
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Our British friends always seem to pay more than we do, so if the US prices you posted are conversions from GBP I'd expect the US prices to be somewhat lower if and when the Norge arrives here.
Moto Guzzi and other bike manufacturers include the UK's taxes, which are significantly higher than here in the US, in the prices they list on their site.
Not for that price thanks.
Based on their other models, I'm thinking the base Norge will start at around $14,500 - $15,000.
For context, Honda CBR1000RR would be $16,680 USD based on UK list price.
Don't jump to conclusions on guzzi pricing based on straight conversions of UK prices because bikes are significantly more expensive this side of the Atlantic as others have noted, and it looks like the Norge is listing in the UK well below the RT and the Pan European with the Norge ranging between £8667 and £10199 depending on spec while both the RT and Pan start at about £10800 and you can spend a lot more once you get into the options list.
My question is: how can such a cool company as MG have such a crap support system in the US after Piaggio bought everything? Wasn't the Piaggio buyout suppose to improve all aspects of MG and Aprilia's dealer network? Why buy a bike if you can't get parts? Really wish they'd tighten that up. I'd get a Griso if I thought they'd actually sent parts for the things.
Plus when you pull up to the Burger Barn and tell everyone it's pronounced Norj or Nor Hay you're gonna get punched either way.
What a beauty! An old Norge, you don't see many of these things anymore

"Happiness is a Norge full of Tang and egg salad."
I use to try and get parts for my Benelli Volcano fom Cosmopolitan motors and it worked something like this:

"Oh we have your order but we won't send it to Benelli until we get 35 more orders for the same part."

Good thing it wasn't a gross dozen.
If they bring it here please call it anything but a "Norge".
Notice ABS is becoming standard in touring bikes as predicted by the Great Motorcycle Prophet kpaul.
Hey in Seattle er specifically Ballard where there is large population of Norwegians it might be a good thing.
It's pretty much becoming standard in all vehicles Nostradoofus.

I predict all motorcycles will soon be fuel-injected!
What you have something against Norway? . Geez longride you need some Diversity training..
You always say that after kpaul's predictions come true. Before the predictions come true, you, longride and the rest of the GPTB always so "no kpaul is stupid, it's not going to happen"..

The Great One

I'll bet that when they went bankrupt they blamed it all on external factors.
Oh please.

So much for your oil prediction, eh?

How soon until it's below $60?
Ahhh, to ride to Valhalla on the bike of the Kitchen Appliance God!

Methinks the Kook did not hear about what was going on as oil peaked: every rustbucket scow on earth that'd hold some oil w/o leaking too much was slap full as the speculators bought and bought 'errrl...and the producers pumped and pumped.

Markets work. Imagine that..
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