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Moto Guzzi Releases the Norge in the UK.

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Youch! If they bring that thing here and try to sell it for those prices...

And I thought the RT was over priced. I guess if you have a trasverse twin and shaft drive you can (try to) charge anything.
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Never said markets didn't work (go back and read my comments) just that we have reached another level because of increased demand from China and India i.e prices will be above $2.80 a gal from now on. Funny how prices are lower now before elections... Na W's buddies down in Houston had nothing to do with it right ;)
"What you have something against Norway?


"Geez longride you need some Diversity training.."

Would that then make me as big an ass as you?
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Is that lots of words to say that you were f&cking wrong again? It doesn't take that many.
No, you’d need years of extensive training and a lobotomy first.
Actually both sarnali and were very much correct. Unlike you nowadays.. longride you are slipping..
No, beacuse of them and that crook who ran the place (somewhere in Penn) I think it screwed up the whole market for Itlaian bikes in the USA back then.

I mean how are you going to ride your Parilla 175 Wildcat with no wheel bearings? And where am I going to get vermillion metalflake touch up paint for my Guzzoni 150 Estrella?

Norge, Griso, 1100 Breva. Try to find one at your local dealer. The dealer aren't ordering them because Moto Guzzi is reneging on past warranty issues. Whenever I ask about the 'new' 1100 the dealer always says ' in September'. It's been three Septembers now!
Don't know where you are, but there's no shortage of Grisos or Breva 1100s (or parts) at dealers around here in New England.
Do tell us where you're from Bmwclay? I have not heard of this being the case anywhere. They are moving in and out of the showrooms pretty fast here in the US. Maybe your timing is off, or your dealer is a liar, or....
I predict that sometime in the future, mankind will be able to move about in carriages that have no horses to pull them, and there will be great tubes of metal that will fly with the wings of birds, with many hundreds of people sitting in chairs inside them.

People will be able to speak into small boxes that will magically carry the sound of their voice as much as half a world away, or even to the moon, and it will come out another box sounding as if the person were standing next to them.

Many people will be able to read, and information of the ages will be stored in glass globes within cabinets of strange wood-like material. It will be dispensed from a flickering, glowing ether, and all of these cabinets will be connected together magically, like the web of a spider, or a fisherman's net....................
"because of increased demand from China and India i.e prices will be above $2.80 a gal from now on"

Gas is $2.17/gallon and dropping in this area. Mostly due to the fact that the "peak" season is past. Diesel is still $3.03 in some places, but it's dropping a bit too.

Gas only got above $2.80 for about 5 weeks here. Still didn't help me much - I spent $35/week commuting on a 50+mpg motorcycle. Looks like I still get to ride come winter (guess I need to break-out the 'lectrics, make sure they're up-to-snuff)
Update on my Sept. 06 comment. There is a shop in Livermore, Ca. that has all the new Guzzi's. The Norge (Nor-gay) in red is spectacular. If Paiggio can get the parts network up and running, I'm buying one.
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