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Moto Guzzi Sport

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If you are having this much trouble getting the bike here, I would imagine you would need a signed note from the Pope to get parts.
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I heard that it will not be available in the US until at least Spring 2008...if at all. It is a much different bike that the Buell and the Duc. Guzzi has a adventure sport bike on the way as well...spring 2008 at the earliest.

Responding to the previous post: Guzzis don't break much and are as reliable as anything else on the road...quirky YES, unreliable, NO

I am intrested in a Norge, myself, as an alter-ego to my sport bike, but the price is too high. I am waiting for the end of the season deal.
Buy the Duc asap , you won't be sorry . No need to pay extra for the "S" model , the standard is great except for the slightly tacky 3/4" chrome bar . I'd switch to a magura bar for a better-looking ****pit but otherwise the standard is great .
Have you inquired about the cost of a full tune up yet? My dealer wants $800!
They may be reliable, but IF by some chance you need a part (crash, tuneup, breakdown) I have a feeling you are going to wait a while.
Tune it up yourself and save 750 bucks.
So, buy a second one for parts.

Duh, do I have to think of EVERYTHING around hear! :)
IIRC, Ducati has put some sort of guaranteed cap on scheduled maintenance costs (around $400, I think.)
Per cylinder. I kid, I haven't seen any huge #'s on the 2V
The note you obtain wouldn't by chance be signed "Hey! Im-a The Pope-a!" by any chance?
Re: Cosmopolitan Motors?

...I'll take a throttle cable, but only in a gross dozen...
Have a look at the Daily Telegraph motoring site this week - - and click on motorcycling to find their wrap-up review of their long-term testbikes: a Bandit, a Sportster, and a Multistrada. After reading all the things that went wrong with the Multistrada you may want to think again about the Duc!
My buddy just bought a 1098...poor quality...he is very dissapointed!
Checked the link. What a load. A Bandit 1200S has poor torque? Complete BS. Who is this @sshole?

I found the Sportster writeup amusing. All those comments about how terrible a Sportster is from people who have never ridden one. LOL! Looks like the Euro sportbike mafia is as bad with the stupid comments as the US sportbike mafia.
Re: A Guzzi Owner tells the real deal

Parts are not a problem. Service might be depending on where you live. Most Guzzisti do there own maintenance, because it is dirt simple to do. There have been no real problems with the new bikes since the PIAGGIO takeover. Piaggio owns Aprillia and Moto Guzzi. Aprilia went bankrupt after they bought Moto Guzzi in 01. Guzzi's are not for everyone you either get it or you don't. Spring 08 has been reported for the Sport, but no one knows for certain. They are available in Europe right now. If you are really curious about Guzzi's post your questions here and you will get all the info you could ever want.
B-b-b-but Sportsters SUCK !!!! and all a Buell needs is a 600 lb. V-Rod engine to be competitive.........

Anyway, much as I love Moto-Guzzi I'd get a Buell Uly. It's a fun bike to ride, there's a H.D. Buell dealership every 2k yards or so parts are available with a pretty short turn-around.

Actually, what I'd REALLY do is buy an '02 Bandit 1200S for under $4K and ride the bee-geezus out of it Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-
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review made of poopoo

i found the review to be rather brief, overly anecdotal, and riddled with superlative statements - which to me means that too much predetermined opinion went into it's writing. take it with a boulder of salt.
Re: A Guzzi Owner tells the real deal

The best thing about a Guzzi is when the typical Harley biker dude says "...what is that? a new Jap model?"

My Guzzi expirience is that they are reliable, but quirky...a bit like me!
Ha! I bet you're sorry about having to putt around so slowly on that torqueless Bandit. (eyes rolling)

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