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Moto Guzzi Tecnocustom

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I'm in love! I will sell my house, my car, my dog, my mother... whatever it takes to come up with the fundage it takes to procure this bike. If M-G chickens out with this bike (ala Yamaha MT-01) I will forever boycott all things Italian as a protest (beware Domino's!).

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Its a shame that Guzzi ain't got the balls to build this bike exactly as pictured and spec'd, I think its beautiful!, and I'm a sportbike rider.
That bike is fantastic! the end can looks a little on the large side, but the rest of the bike is georgeous.
I love the italians

that is a gorgeous bike. i want that bike. For the love of god guzzi, build this bike. i will buy this. i seriously love the look of this bike. it has a sport bike stance with wonderful lines, and a hint of old school flair.

please let me buy this bike
How on earth do you make a shaft drive fit a single-sided swingarm? I seriously doubt this is the first chain drive Guzzi in umpteen years, but the photos don't tell us anything.

That said, make it a dual exhaust and I might buy this one.
Dear Pierre

Although you are such a talented and genial designer it looks like you didn't pay attention at your motorcycle design history classes.

"How on earth do you make a shaft drive fit a single-sided swingarm?"

Well, BMW has been doing it since 1980 (R80GS) so I guess it works...


The Guzzi V-twin is a gorgeous motor, and they look and sound like nothing else. Problem is, they handle like nothing else, too - and not in a positive way. Specifically, they don't much like to turn (long wheel base and high center of gravity.) Not for nothing do most insightful reviews of Guzzi's conclude with the statement, "make sure you ride one first." Knowing all of this, I wish I still had my beautiful yellow '97 1100 sport!

I don't know what you folks are seeing in this bike, but you can keep it. A little too chunky around the tank with nothing out back to balance it out. Kinda like a body builder with huge shoulders and tiny little legs.
Errata alert

9kgm max torque at 7800 rpm is a bit suspect considering that it makes 29 kgm of torque at 8400 rpm.
Guzzi had it closer to correct back with the Mid 80s LeMans. This one is better than the current "swollen" sport Guzzis though. However, the master cylinders look out of place, the Triumph-like mini fairing thingie is stupid, the headlight trim is too thick, the exhaust system looks like drain pipe, I'd bet that the red anodized frame member fades to pink like the current versions, the old 4-valve valve covers looked better, the tank looks better from the back than from the side, and the muffler can looks to be about 25% too big. Still, this is much better than the goofy looking stuff currently available. Keep at it.
Big cylinders like big muffler volume, (ergo the yammie warrior can) looks about right to me!
Considering its heft and wheelbase, I've always been impressed with the handling of my 97 Sporti. Granted, it doesn't like tight switchbacks, but is supremely stable through fast sweepers. I had the rear shock rebuilt and the front forks raised, so it's a bit more compliant on the bumpy stuff, and turns quicker, too. This bike has been all over California (and parts of Nevada), including a run up & over the Sonora Pass last year, where, I might add, it handled like a dream.

I'm still undecided on this new prototype. Kinda beefy looking, but that's the essence of a streetfighter, right? And the old 4-valve engine is sweet. What Guzzi (and Aprilia) really needs to do, however, is develop the next generation liquid-cooled V-twin. With more activity at the factory of late, this looks like a real possibility....
Better looking that a Ducati Monster! More power too. Bet it vibrates like a tremblor though.
Yossef, any word on Guzzi's new "entry level" STR 750cc sportbike set for introduction at Intermot. ran a brief piece on it last week. Being a Guzzi (as well as a BMW fan), I find the Tecnocustom extremely appealing. Its a big twin thing.
Er, have a look at a couple of current BMWs, for a start. The GS and R1100S both are shafties with single-sided swingarms. I'm sure there are others.
I love the look... the way the frame wraps around the tank is very cool. Put another big exhaust can on the other side, a'la V-Max... and it'll be perfect. A cool blend of sport and cruiser like a V-Max also.

A better looking Moto Guzzi

I think this bike is better looking see
Good job, Moto Guzzi, but you have to do something about those brake/clutch reservoirs! Move them, hide 'em, something!!
They should call it the "Il Pipestro". Get a load of these sewer pipes. Right off a school bus. How many variations of basically the same bike are they gonna build? Next year some guy named Giovanni is going to say "hey, let's put side by side headlights on it like the Speed Triple and go to the Intermot show". Wth that said it's kind of cool in a retro-cannoli kind of way.
Re: A better looking Moto Guzzi

Me too, but MO logged me off when I pasted the URL, blipped off-site and back-arrowed back. What gives? as KPaulCook would say.
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