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Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Press Release.

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I stopped by a vintage bike rally on the weekend. There were 3 Moto Guzzi riders there who had ridden about 350miles with all their camping gear to attend the event. Those guys are passionate about their rides. Nice to see.
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Isn't it against the law for a bike to look so good?

A twisty mountain road, that bike, and Monica Belluci with a bottle of fizzy plonk at the end would pretty much do it for me.
Re: Moto Guzzi V11 Cafe Sport

Bello, molto bello.
The cognescenti say that the best Guzzis were the middleweights. And Triumph has shown that retro can sell. And the 850 LeMans is one of the most beautiful bikes ever made. And the frame of the Guzzi cruisers is, I'm told, the same as the old LeMans family.

So how about punching out the 750 Breva motor to 850, putting it in the California frame, slapping on '70s LeMans bodywork, and taking my deposit?

The V11's are nice, but too bulbous. I like that long, low, lean LeMans look of the '70s. C'mon, Aprilia, it would be so easy!

(Now you can all tell me why it's not doable.)

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By middleweights, I assume you mean the old "round-heads"! The small block engine was never as solid as the big 'un.

As a long time Guzzi rider, I am also mystified as to why they don't make a version of their most famous V-twins-they did a retro 750S called the 1000S, that is now one of the more desirable "square" bikes, but not the more famous LeMans, and no Eldorado look-alike, which was their biggest seller.

But what I really hope for-well, after the replica V8-is Guzzi success next year in Formula Extreme! Poor Buell...
Get a metal fabricator to hammer out a sleek gas tank, redo the exhaust canister and slim down the tail section and this bike is a peach. Looks too much like my figure to be an Italian bike. Somehow I think I could get over the bulbous styling and learn to love the bike.
What is the difference between the bikes?

Is there any difference between these two bikes other than paint?

Oh, yeah, they are gorgeous...
"Somehow I think I could get over the bulbous styling and learn to love the bike."

As a married man, I can relate.

Because it would be cheaper for you to buy a perfectly restored concours quality Le Mans I from 1978, which is what you really want. And why not? They still work, they're still good, and you can always put the brakes, tyres and stuff up to 2003 specs instead of 1978.

"As a long time Guzzi rider" what is your opinion of the quality of the new Guzzi's? I love the styling, but my nearest dealer is almost 100 miles away. What have you heard?


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The style totally works for me! If I wasn't already aligned to two other marques I'd have to try one on.

Is brand loyalty a good thing? Maybe not.
Last weekend I had the good fortune to put about 100 miles on an 02 LeMans in the N. Ga mts...Hwy 180, 17/75, Russell Scenic, etc. The owner rode my ST11 (aka The Fat Lady). While not exactly ready to borrow out of the old 401 just yet, I was impressed. Several years ago, I "babysitted" an 80's LeMans (for 10 months) for a friend who was at that time a naval aviator. Man, there is just no comparison. The 02 is a superior functioning bike in every way. If the new crowd at Guzzi US and Aprillia keep on improving things AND bring out a true Guzzi Sport Tourer....hmmmmmm.
Re: What is the difference between the bikes?

Looks like the Cafe has Ohlins front and rear and some carbon fiber bits.
To comment on the quality of the new bikes wouldn't be fair, as I've ridden them but not had to maintain them. I know there have been issues brought to light by some folks, but I don't know any bike that doesn't have them. Certainly the basic design works very well, but things llike paint bubbling on wrinkle finish cases would irritate some folks!

As to the V11 Sport series, I haven't been able to bring myself to buy one. The old Tonti framed bikes feel better to me.
La Dolce Vita ! Ciao Bella!

Ok, Where do I sign up? I need a Guzzi dealer closer to here to go check one out.
go to and click the dealers link. I'm in Indiana, me and a buddy went to Lewis Cycle in Tipton for a demo ride. I rode the Ballabio and he rode the V11 Cafe. We both really liked the bikes, but I also own an 03 Aluminium so I might be biased. My buddy has an BMW R1150R and he is thinking of selling it and getting a Guzzi. The beemer is nice but has no character.
Moto Guzzi motorcycles are like an ugly child -they have a face that only a mother could love.
I have 5 bikes in the garage, a 1150 Gs, a R100S, Triumph Trophy, a Honda plus a 2002 Champange Gold Guzzi LeMans with titanium cans. If I could only keep one bike it would be the Guzzi. It's hard to describe, but real motorcycle, real character and real fun comes to mind. It's like my 72 Norton Commando only faster and trouble free. Gentleman's GT, reeling in the scenery and feeling the bike hammering through the sweepers like on rails.
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