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Motocross Schools?

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Great question! I'd love to get my kids into this.
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Honda runs a MSF dirt school. Here in GA they run it out of Alpharetta. Great school. Cool kids beginner track. Lots o fun
A YZ250 and thousands of square miles of Utah BLM land makes an excellent learning experience.
Gee, wouldn't it be great if there was some sort of magic machine where you could enter a key phrase, for instance, and get all kinds of information... (xylophone/harp music)
Go to, my son and i took the Semics shool run by Dean Olsen in Helena, Montana and it was excellent and held at a real motorcross park. We've also been to Rich Olivers shool in Fresno, CA and it's more of a flat trackers school, definitely a lot of fun though and Rich is an excellent host. If you want to become a better trail rider or learn actual motocross take the Semics school.
LOL good one..
Hey go check out the haybusa touring thread. They start it and then complain about it i.e when I start doing my Bruce Lee thing..

Their motto? If you're not slidin' you're not ...."

If your child is tall enough to swing a leg over

a Honda XR100, then they can take the course.

I had limited dirt bike experience as a long time street rider and I learned a great deal from the expert instructors and guest instructors like Chris Carr, Eric Bostrom, Johnny Murphree, etc.

I'm going back for a refresher course, it's worth every penny.

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Do you have a name or web link that we can check out?

There are many MX schools over asnd above the MSF dirt bike classes which are more oriented for kids. The Gary Semics school in Ohio and the Gary Bailey school in Southern Virginia are two well known schools in the East. Tony Di Stefano and suzuki teams up for a school that visits tracks all across the country... I believe they are almost through for the year. Several other ex racers such as marty Smith also have schools.....also some tracks periodically put on their own training classes. Contact your nearest MX track and Im sure they can get you on the right track9pun not intended).
The MSF sponsors dirt bike clases for kids.
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