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MotoGP - Round 2 - Estoril

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Not near as exciting to watch as the first race, but one with even more dire results for Sete. I really feel bad for him. Over the years it seems like his luck just hasn't been on par with Rossi's. I hope Sete can get back up there points-wise to keep it interesting.

By the way, Edwards has moved on to Yamaha. Yamaha, not Honda Sean.
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I thought the race was entertaining (btw, the 250's was the race to watch today). There were various position battles going on and the drizzling rain kept everybody guessing how hard they could push the limits of traction. It never failed, as soon as the commentators mentioned the rain was picking up a couple riders would go down.

Apparently even a 5+ second lead on Rossi isn't big enough to make a person comfortable. Rossi was closing that gap but not nearly fast enough for the number of laps left when he finally did start making some progress. Barros came damn close to losing his backend on the last (or second to last?) lap. But, he didn't, he was the fastest today, and it was a great win for him.
First though is how do you keep a 250hp bike on 2 wheels on a wet track, and still post those lap times.

2nd thought the 250 race was a tighter race, but 250 hp on a wet track, dammmmmmmmm.
The girlfriend and I took the VFR for a ride on Sunday and we stopped in a bar for dinner. What's on the TV, NASCAR! Who cares, everyone but me. Watching the bar's patrons was like watching my cat gazing at a fish behind glass (eyes staring without comprehention) only much more disturbing. I felt like standing up and singing, I want my...I want my...I want my MotoGP. Of course, that wouldn't have done any good, since Estoril was on delay. But, the urge was nearly overpowering; sometimes my exibitionism need nearly gets the best of me.

Somebody please tell me, what's so interesting about watching cars go around in circles? Even thought AMA roadracing has deteriorated to a side show, it's still more fun to watch than NASCAR.

I have a dream (actually, several....some I only share with my shrink; he's sworn to secrecy). Someday, motorcycle roadracing will be the big ticket, and Bubba and Earl will never-again be seen on TV.

And, by the way...Hey, what y'all think 'bout King Kenny comin' in last? Ya figure he's 'bout had it, er what?
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Congrats to Barros, and it was nice to see the dynamics of the racing change, as the other riders were not afraid to "stick it" to Rossi this time. In the past they seemed timid when racing with him, but since the Bump-and-Win, all of the gloves are off, and I expect to see him stuffed from now on (and rightfully so). Hey, it's just racing, right?

BTW, didn't Americans used to be good at world class racing?
What's the story on the bikes this year? Is the Yamaha significantly down on power?

I kind of expected Rossi to walk away, but but the race reports suggest that either he's slowing down - or his bike has a power deficit.

Nope they're thick as flies here too. They all own a Harley, drive an F350 and own a plumbing or construction company. They all seem to think that NASCAR is the fastest racing in the world and all the drivers are the most skilled. Marketing can work wonders I suppose.
Me thinks that Rossi may be showing some weakness.
longride, post the link to the new race, for those of us deprived of speed channel


Yeah man, Rossi couldn't even get close enough to knock Jibbernow down, he hadda do it all by himself. U read where FIM pres. wrote Rossi a letter saying that Jerez pass was not over the line, but don't do it again?
No kidding - except maybe for open-wheel classes, car racing is as exciting as horse-and-wagon racing would have been compared to horse racing.

We got free tickets a couple years back for NASCAR at Sears Point / Infineon in northern California. Once they sorted our the order right at the start that was it, just a long freight train of cars, no passing or any question who was going to finish in what place, unless somebody blew an engine. Woo hoo.

On the other hand, every one of those spectators had paid $90 for a ticket and there was like 100,000 of them. Compare that to $40 for a three-day pass to AMA, or $10 for AFM club racing, and you can see why Infineon caters to that market.
Roll me a Jibbernow!
Can't find one yet. I will keep looking.
I can't understand why they don't cover the 125cc races. They provide the closest racing and the highest cornering speed. They are also much less predictable. It's too bad that the government, in their infinite wisdom, banned street two-strokes. With an Aprilia RS125RS, you can wipe curvie roads clean of so-called "sport bikes".
what, they would all pile into the back of you at every corner exit?
If you guys are looking for the race here you go

Thank me later, it's pretty big.. 300 MB I think
Yeah, I thought that was pretty cowardly on the part of the Prez. He sure got huffy when Telefonica made his cowardice public.
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