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MotoGP testing at Sepang

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Great fun

Rossi vs. Biaggi again: glorious! Looks like Hayden needs more time, but at least he's paint side up. Where's Kato?
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Re: Great fun

Glorious indeed ;-)

It seems the link to the article is broken, try this link.

Katoh is mentioned, but without a lap time.

I think there will be quite a few riders out there capable of winning a race, the question is who will be able to consistently score points (and the most of them in the end of course ;-) Barros for instance can be very quick indeed, but so far he has not been very consistent, I don't see him win a championship. Biaggi has had problems in this department as well, although he did manage to drag his bike home after low-siding several times in a row (was it 3 times?)...

Katoh was brilliant in the 250 cc, I remember him making laptimes within 0.1 s of eachother lap after lap at the time. And I think he didn't crash once that season. Maybe he can be a contender.
Complete list of times

This from, but same list is published on several other sites as well:

Copyright 2003, Roadracing World Publishing, Inc.

By David Swarts

Best Lap Times Compiled From Team Sources Following Recent Tests:

1. Valentino Rossi, Honda RC211V, 2:02.65

2. Max Biaggi, Honda RC211V, 2:02.8

3. Tohru Ukawa, Honda RC211V, 2:03.4

4. Daijiro Kato, Honda RC211V, 2:03.7

5. Loris Capirossi, Ducati Desmosedici, 2:03.9

6. Troy Bayliss, Ducati Desmosedici, 2:04.0

7. Sete Gibernau, Honda RC211V, 2:04.3

8. Kenny Roberts, Suzuki GSV-R, 2:05.1

9. John Hopkins, Suzuki GSV-R, 2:05.46

10. Nicky Hayden, Honda RC211V, 2:05.47

11. Shinichi Itoh, Honda RC211V, 2:05.6

12. Andrew Pitt, Kawasaki ZX-RR, 2:06.31

13. Garry McCoy, Kawasaki ZX-RR, 2:06.40

14. Makoto Tamada, Honda RC211V, 2:06.5

15. Alex Hofmann, Kawasaki ZX-RR, 2:06.62

16. Akira Yanagawa, Kawasaki ZX-RR, 2:06.73

2002 MotoGP Pole Position: Barros, Honda RC211V, 2:04.487

2002 MotoGP Circuit Best Lap: Barros, Honda RC211V, 2:04.376

2002 Race Fastest Lap: Max Biaggi, Yamaha YZR-M1, 2:04.925
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Re: Complete list of times

Ah, good list that. I hadn't seen it before.

Damn those times from the Ducati are impressive for a bike that's only been in existence for a couple of months and has never even raced. Good also to see Capirossi and Bayliss pulling similar times. They will both be a threat for the title this year even if I think it will take a bit of bad luck with some of the Honda pilots to get them there. And here I just thought they were putting Bayliss on the bike as a bit of a benefit to say thanks for trying so hard on our Superbike. He might get close in a few races after all. ;)
Re: Complete list of times

A couple interesting things about those times.

The Suzuki/Kawasaki times are from a few days prior to the Honda/Kawasaki times, so temperature, humidity etc may not have been completely comparable.

I believe Ducati did not participate in the final day of testing,which is when Rossi and Biaggi really blew away the times. Prior to that,they were even closer.

From reports I read, the fast times were set at the end of the final day -- within the last 10 minutes, and reportedly, the atmosphere was like the final minutes of qualifying. Biaggi went out and put in his fast time, and when Rossi say that, he jumped out there and blew that time away.

Everyone on the Honda team had a number of tires to test -- Katoh was still finishing his stipulated tests so did not have the chance to go out on qualifiers and try match those times.

We don't know if Bayliss' and Capirossi's times were on race tires or qualifiers. Most test laps are on race tires, and if they do run "Q's" it is as much for playing mind games on the competition.

Rossi has predicted that Capirossi will win some races this year. I don't think he is just being polite. Bayliss has the disadvantage of not knowing all the tracks, as well as the other riders, but I think he might have better racecraft. It will be interesting to watch the matchup within the team. I really like and respect both riders and expect that both will at least get some podium finishes this year.

My own money says that the title comes down to Rossi vs Barros, but certainly there are several others who have the possibility to be in there as well -- certainly Biaggi, Katoh and Ukawa are possibilities. Either of the Ducatis are possibilities, albeit somewhat longer shots. I DO think we will see either Troy or Loris at the top of the podium at least once this season. I also would not be surprised to see Colin on the box as well.

With all the new teams and new riders competing this year,there should be some really interesting racing going on, even if it is way back in the pack (hopefully the TV coverage will not just focus on the top 5). I want to see how the new V5 Proton does, as well as the Kawasaki.
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