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Motor Cops Gear Up!

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I always wondered why they couldn't make custom riding jackets and pants for officers, as well as full-face helmets.

Oh... while they're at it, they really should ban those gay looking mustaches...
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Next time you see a policeman just walk up to him and tell him that as a taxpaying citizen, and thus his boss, you want him to shave off his gay looking mustache.
Thanks, Airhawk. I saw same article in BMW ON a couple of months ago.

Aerostich has shown a police model in the catalog for several years now.

Local donutters dress in the usual "shooting for a short sleeve Erich Von Stroheim" look here, too. But I do have a little empathy going for 'em. Southern humidity does make wearing appropriate gear a real challenge about 7 months out of any given year.

Any of you fellow MOron's with 20 or more years of riding had any skin cancers removed from "the usual locations" due to riding w/o gear? Oh, yes - I have...another good reason to cover up.
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seems like a no brainer...

I wonder if the swat team wears outdated bulletproof vests and helmets...
Excellent article Air Hawk Good thing I am sitting here at my dentist office (he has wi-fi) so I could read the entire thing. I love this quote "‘Why don’t you ride Harleys, instead of those foreign bikes?’ The officers enjoy responding to this last question, particularly, because it opens the door for a discussion about the safety and functionality advances found on BMW Authority bikes, such as ABS brakes, heated grips, electrically-adjustable windscreens, high-output alternators, a low center of gravity and more."

The Chief deserves a lot of credit.. The WA State troopers wear similar gear i.e no half helments and proper Jackets and pants.
Here they all dress like "Dawg's Wife". No projectile known to mortal man could penetrate those twins. Er, big twins.
About time!
What's with the hair?

Is there some unwritten rule that all US police officers have to get thier hair cut like a jar head? Or do they all just secretly want to be in the military?

Exception; New York and LA the police there seem to have normal haircuts.
The moustache is an officers source of power. Remove it and lawlessness will reign supreme. Night will become day, up will become down, cagers will respect bikers...

Samson-esque, really.
Re: What's with the hair?

It's easier to wear a cover (or helmet) with short hair. And the hat-head isn't as bad when you remove it.
It's just not gonna be the same if the cops stop looking like Freddie Mercury.
Dogsand cats living togather....mass hysteria!
If a motorbike cop stops you for speeding the best advice is to give them a lunch ticket. They always let you off the hook.

- cruiz-euro
I'm just glad somebody put out a positive article about bikes!
Re: What's with the hair?

A fair number of folks in law enforcement were in the military at some point and probably just got used to it.

It's also harder for a perp to grab your hair in an "incident". Similar reasoning is behind the use of clip-on ties.
Sorry longride

Actually you are in pretty good shape.. But the signature mustache put you in porn star or Freddy look alike territory.
Amazingly well-written and informative.

Thanks for posting it!
Looking at the modern U.S. bikes, cars and SUVs (not to even mention "light trucks") its easy to understand why you guys have such an enormous trade inbalance. Even against Europe with today´s super expensive Euro. What´s wrong, why aren´t you competitive? And how is it that your GNP is bigger than anybody elses even when you are so incompetitive as you are?

- cruiz-euro
Re: Sorry longride

How is the Ron Jeremy (sp) collection?
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