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Well, I can see MANY police departments not wanting to pony up for the bucks Dave got them to pay for the clothing. Kudos for this town haveing the sense to do the right thing. However, just wait until they get that first bill to service the fleet. They will have to get clean underwear when they have to start replacing clutches, and they will. I'll bet what results will NOT end up in MOAN (That would be the MOA News for you non BMW types).

Now I ride BMW and Harleys. Still cannot for the life of me see why ANY police department would use BMW twins for police work. They are expensive to maintain and simply don't hold resale value worth a toot. Regardless of what many Beemerophiles believe, they really DO NOT hold up any better than the H-D police units. They may be better than the H-D's for high speed persuits, but that is something better left to the police cars (as has been proven time and time again).

And about the riding suits. I wear those things. Even know folks who wear them all summer long, in the South. If you had to ride round town all day, on a BMW twin, at relatively low speeds, in a full riding suit, you are going to suffer miserably in the heat in the South. Also, those suits are horrible if you have to say, ditch the bike and actually chase somebody on foot. Betcha they were high end riding boots also, we all know how much fun those are to run in.

Bike and clothing choices for Police Departments are better left to folks who actually study this stuff and not left up to a single Police Officer who has an obvious preference for one brand over another. While this may be a big ego builder for Dave and the MOA and may be even BMW, the end result will not be so cheery.
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