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Motor Cops Gear Up!

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I always wondered why they couldn't make custom riding jackets and pants for officers, as well as full-face helmets.

Oh... while they're at it, they really should ban those gay looking mustaches...
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Next time you see a policeman just walk up to him and tell him that as a taxpaying citizen, and thus his boss, you want him to shave off his gay looking mustache.
Dogsand cats living togather....mass hysteria!
Yeah that's weird isn't it? Perhaps all this information we are told by our information sources is a load of crap. When was the last time that any govt agency told the truth?

To read the newspaper I'd think that the city I live in is a deathtrap. Then I go out for a walk or a ride and see nothing in reality that reflects what I read. That's called a clue.
1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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