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Motor Cops Gear Up!

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I always wondered why they couldn't make custom riding jackets and pants for officers, as well as full-face helmets.

Oh... while they're at it, they really should ban those gay looking mustaches...
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This is the US, we reward mediocrity everywhere because it's easier than doing things right. Aggregate test scores not up to par? Lower the passing grade. Look at the technology we deploy, broadband and cellular phone service, and then look at what is deployed everywhere else in the world. Not only are we anywhere from one to three generations behind and lagging in overall availability, but in the case of cell service we also insist on using frequencies which deviate from the entire rest of the planet so we have to reinvent the wheel every time. Then to top it off we're charged heavily for the crappy services.

Then you've got the iPod, a device which rules its market but across the board its capabilities pale next to cheaper and better alternatives (this being said by a Mac guy). But people still buy them by the handful anyway. Most people are just drones. They've been told to expect low test scores, so they do. They've been told all American cars suck and Japanese cars are perfect, so that's what they believe. If the market really worked like it was supposed to people would realize they're generally just buying the cheapest to make but most heavily marketed piece of garbage and start demanding better from everything. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson as the Joker, what this country needs is an enema.
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