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Motor Cops Gear Up!

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I always wondered why they couldn't make custom riding jackets and pants for officers, as well as full-face helmets.

Oh... while they're at it, they really should ban those gay looking mustaches...
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Excellent article Air Hawk Good thing I am sitting here at my dentist office (he has wi-fi) so I could read the entire thing. I love this quote "‘Why don’t you ride Harleys, instead of those foreign bikes?’ The officers enjoy responding to this last question, particularly, because it opens the door for a discussion about the safety and functionality advances found on BMW Authority bikes, such as ABS brakes, heated grips, electrically-adjustable windscreens, high-output alternators, a low center of gravity and more."

The Chief deserves a lot of credit.. The WA State troopers wear similar gear i.e no half helments and proper Jackets and pants.
Sorry longride

Actually you are in pretty good shape.. But the signature mustache put you in porn star or Freddy look alike territory.
You are correct sir

Yep I have been warning the FoxNews loving Bushbots (Buz, seruzaw, longride) about this for years. Right now we are in debt up to our eyeballs. Like my first wife , we have delusional thoughts of prosperity when its all because we have our credit card maxed out. We don't have to be competive cause the world thinks our dollar is worth something. Watch for massive devaluations of the dollar. You guys (the rest of the world) will wise up and realize that our dollar is worthless..
Agreed. I can see my U.S. cell-phone (company provided) provider's building (complete with tacky sign) from my office window, but most of my calls get dropped when I try to use from my office. My personal cell-phone (provider is owned by a German outfit where the trains run on time :) ) works everytime and anywhere...

iPods from my daughter's and my experience are very reliable and easy to use. But I agree there are cheaper alternatives.
Re: What's with the hair?

"Where are my meds." Over here,, I think we got ours switched somehow :)
Denial.....Dr. kpaul sez

See kpaul discussion on denial.. Denial of Debt, (Deficit) Denial of War (Iraq), Denial of Pedophila(Foley), get the pricture buddy .. You are in denial. Let me help you out of it

Bush Bad, Saros good.

Cheney Bad, Powell good.

Deficits Bad, Clinton Surplus good.

Iraq War Bad, Killing Bin Laden good.

You should feel better soon.
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