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Motorcycle.Com Launches E-Commerce with CycleSaver

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Anyone else get this announcement e-mailed directly to them?

I'm not too impressed - do I really need to get any more spam e-mail?

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Not a bad looking site, needs some work though with the images. Very good idea. I am sure that you will make lots of money and the prices look good. I hope that this does not have a negative affect on MO articles. What would be cool is if MO did product reviews on all the stuff and then the store could have links to the reviews.
I'm all for saving money, and I'm all for the continued success of MO. Make sure though, that you guys don't get all MegaCorpCo on us. In the parlance of the day, 'keep it real.'

I just checked out CycleSaver, and damn, if it doesn't look like a winner. Keep up the good work MO!
Hey knock this $&!t off. I need to get some work done. Now you have to go and make it easy to spend my money as well as my time.

Just do me a favor and don't become a gray market importer. My wallet couldn't take that.

Looked at your prices. Looks like I'll be buying a new helmet for Xmas.
After viewing the site I think I will keep purchaseing from my local retailer, REDLINE MOTORSPORTS IN SHERMAN OAKS,CA.

Overall the site does not containe enough to make it ineresting. On shopping online, based on my experience only, is what it is cracked up to be. Higher than antcipated cost, the wait and the inevitable return scenario when they ship the wrong product or it comes damgaged.

My advice go vist your local retailer.
I didn't consider this as spam. I thought it was a matter of keeping the registered users informed of the new services offered. I do get plenty of crap in my email, this was a welcome email.
Whats the problem with being warned about being charged for something when the charge is not specified upfront? You are the ****.
You must be rich, or get a great discount at your local retailer. I don't know of too many people who buy much from their local retailer, they just charge to much and don't carry enough in stock. (Why by apparel in a store if I can't try on what I want. I'd rather buy it online/mail order, and return it if necessary.)
No i am not rich. Yes They have great prices and will work with on the price. I am not talking about the MFG dealer but rather a independent merchant who must keep his prices reasonalble to stay inbuisness.

Also if i happen to pay $5 or &10 or a major item over what a mailorder or online store offers so be it. It is worth the time I spend in the shop talking shop and since I do not go to bars I need a place to hang occasionly. Also at this particular store they will talk you out of buying something if they feel you are wasting your money.

Yeah it envolves a little more effort but I am a big proponet of supporting your local community, whatever that community is; block, neighborhood, town or city.

I didn't particularly enjoy getting the junk e-mail.

Did you?
Ninjas are for winners only.
Eh? Instead of being open and breaking down where the costs occur, you'd rather they hide the cost of shipping and handling in the retail price?

So instead of being told you're paying $25 plus $5 handling, you'd rather be left in the dark and charged $30 retail?

Yeah, that makes sense...
Ok, sounds good. Unfortunately in the Cleveland-Akron Ohio area there aren't very many independent MC shops/retailers. And all the dealers are a rip off for most things. (In fact they usually tell me "Wow, that's a great deal." when I tell them what I paid for something like tires.) Those that do exist tend to be cruiser/Harley oriented, and don't sell a lot of what the sportbike crowd needs.
Re: Information site directly selling products????

Our editorial has never been and will never be compromised by our advertisers or our E-commerce initiative. Print magazines make huge amounts of money from the very advertisers whose products they review. One print magazine alone makes $30 million from its advertisers and another $9 million from their subscribers and newstand sales. An advertiser who pays more than $100,000 per month in that magazine will spend less than that for a whole year's worth of advertising with us. Yet, somehow you suddenly call our credibilty into question. If you think print or other sites have more credibility, I suggest you rethink that conclusion. I would also refer you to a Wall Street Journal article in which a major advertiser, when asked about the cost of advertising in print, was quoted as saying, "but that's sort of the price of entry to get your car reviewed." Does that mean the more they spend the better the review?

It's blatantly unfair to question our credibility unless you've got something more substantial to go by. We have always been unbiased in our reviews, and nothing is going to change. We have no plans to review products which are currently available through Cycle Saver. Motorcycle.Com, like any commercial enterprise, needs to make a profit to stay in business. This is not a hobby to us, but a livelihood that has to support our employees and their families. We don't get the million dollar ad contracts like the print mags do, and you're not paying an annual subscription. The Internet is different than print, and we have to apply those differences, both the good and the bad, to our business model. Research shows that people want to purchase products online from "trusted" sources. Motorcycle.Com has been a trusted source for over six years. It's not in our best interest to violate that trust, so we've applied the same standards for quality and integrity in our thoughtful launch of E-commerce that we apply to our editorials.

If you can't live with us being a source through which our readers can purchase quality products at discount prices, than you had better stop reading motorcycle magazines and visiting other motorcyle sites, because all of them are either supported by large advertising dollars, sales of motorcycles or other motorcycle related products. I welcome the fact that our reader's trust in us is the ultimate check that assures we maintain our editorial integrity. But, I think that standard should be applied equally, not just to us or when it's convenient.
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Yeah that sounds like a pretty bad scenario.

Perhaps a niche to be filled?
Since we're not writing product reviews on the items sold by CycleSaver, I think you need to rethink your conclusion. BTW, have you sent in your annual subscription yet?
Re: Bad Idea Turned Worse

Dear Anonymous

In case you haven't heard, the advertising model does not work. To really ad insult to injury, you've posted as anonymous which makes that ad model that much more futile. Advertisers want to reach "registered users" as they see that as the only valid measurement of a sites reach. An advertiser that spends in excess of $1 million dollars a year in one single print magazine spends a small fraction of that online. This is not going to change any time soon. What would you prefer, that we go out of business or that we keep the doors open by bringing additional value to our readers and make a buck at the same time?

In order for there to be a conflict of interest wouldn't we have to write reviews on products that you can buy through Cycle Saver? Have you seen any of these reviews? We haven't and we will not be writing product reivews on items that are available on Cycle Saver.

As for that additional fee that was charged, the story as told is a bit misleading. We were alarmed by his comment and we went in to buy something on our own to find out what he was referring to. While the fee could have been disclosed earlier, (and we're told that change is being made) it was disclosed before he entered his credit card information and not after the sale was completed. There is nothing unusual about the fee and it is not a fee that is paid to MO to facilitate the order. In fact, given that you are guaranteed the lowest price, as long as you're able to buy it at Cycle Saver for less I don't think it should matter if they charged a $100 fee as long as it's properly disclosed and the total price is still lower than is available elsewhere online. If it's not, then they match the lower price and give you 3 percent to boot. I only wish all the dealings I had with merchants were that unfair.
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You're really reading way too much into this. Can you spell cynical?

If you read our announcement, you'll see that it stated that we entered into a "Joint Marketing Agreement." In order for it to be joint, there has to be more than one party to the agreement. Instead of making it sound like a conspiracy, you should be pleased that we were able to link up with a highly respectable retailer. In fact, the way we were able to promptly handle your concern should have been recognized as a plus. But, instead, you make it sound like we've ripped you off.

As for the "insurance and handling" fee, it is exactly what it says it is, not a fee that goes to MO. Frankly, it shouldn't even matter since your guranteed the lowest price, end of story. BTW we are aware of the AMA discount that is available through Competition Accessories, but we believe that we have negotiated lower prices even considering the AMA discount. Of course, we don't offer anywhere near as many products as Competition Accessories so those are great opportunities to use that AMA discount. At the end of the day, the merits of Cycle Saver should be determined based on the quality of the products and their prices. Hopefully nobody is against us trying to make a living as well. I know our employees would appreciate getting paid for their hard work.

One last thing, you never even mentioned if you got a good deal. Good service, good prices...what a concept.
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