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Motorcycle fatalities in the Sacramento Area

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First post!

Seriously though, I guess I'd have to agree with Sean. Even the new rider on the Harley may have been taking risks that were a little too high in general - I don't know how fast he happened to be going, but I know I routinely see guys going down two-lane rural roads at night as fast as they would during the day. Now maybe some guys have much better night perception than I do, but I'll say that for me I tend to back off some at night, finding my ability to judge exact distances and speeds not as precise in darkness than in the light of day, not to mention making reading the road ahead of you from a long way off that much harder. I believe it's called "out-riding your headlights".
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Re: Ignorance Is Not a Tort

Fortunately for you, and the uninformed mass (read liberals generally) ignorance and stupidity are not recognized causes of action in Federal or state courts. However, in the court of public opinion, you are guilty as charged. Wait a minute... The Captain could sue for intentional infliction of emotional distress. We could easily certify it as a class action given your posts on this site. That would get John Edwards' attention, he'd resign from the race (dollars over politics), and you'd be getting screwed by a fellow liberal. How poetic.
Ideological Purity Tests

So, because GW has offended your conservative precepts, you are rooting /voting for a Demoncrat who is widely believed to have the most liberal voting record in the Senate. Umm, the logic is somewhat bewildering...Do you really think a Kerry Administration would reduce the size of the Federal Government, pull out of Iraq, expand gun owners rights to own fully automatic assault weapons, and reduce taxes???
Perhaps the Masses Could Floss?

You might not need cradle-to-grave socialism if the children were taught to brush their teeth. Just a thought....
1 - 3 of 103 Posts
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