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Motorcycle fatalities in the Sacramento Area

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Seriously though, I guess I'd have to agree with Sean. Even the new rider on the Harley may have been taking risks that were a little too high in general - I don't know how fast he happened to be going, but I know I routinely see guys going down two-lane rural roads at night as fast as they would during the day. Now maybe some guys have much better night perception than I do, but I'll say that for me I tend to back off some at night, finding my ability to judge exact distances and speeds not as precise in darkness than in the light of day, not to mention making reading the road ahead of you from a long way off that much harder. I believe it's called "out-riding your headlights".
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Rider education is impotant, but so is common sense and mental maturity. On the day in 1965 that I turned 14, I walked into the local Highway Patrol office, took a 20 minute written exam and walked out with a valid motorcycle operator's license. Its probably a good thing that I did not own a bike at the time. By the end of that year, one of my neighborhood friends had hit and killed a 6-year-old girl on the street with his S-90, and another had crashed and sustained head injuries that left him with slurred speech and using a walker through highschool.

Would rider training have helped? I don't know. It may just be the psycho-social phenomenon that risk-takers are attracted to motorcycles. Add to that the fact that every movie involving motorcycles and virtually every TV ad for any type of vehicle features illegal and/or extremely dagerous driving, and you create a potentially disasterous mind-set in those weened on "Jackass" reruns.

It helps to keep me safer when I think about those old friends before slinging a leg over a bike.
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