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Several thoughts on these problems

1. So-called "statistics" are notoriously susceptible to being manipulated to support any conclusion you'd like. In this particular report, no one has allowed for statitistics that normally fluctuate year to year, and as many people have stated before, it's not the absolute number but the percentage that is important.

2. About the unlicensed motorcyclists who engage in more risky behavior, DUH. People usually don't thumb their nose at just one thing in particular. Either people tend to follow laws or they don't.

3. Australia has a problem with unlicensed motorcyclists. Possible solutions: (a) make it more convenient (not easier, just more convenient) for cyclists to get the proper training/licensing. My home state just raised the fee for motorcycle endorsement above all other endorsements for no reason . Yet we still want people to get licensed? (b) [the option I hate] Have police stop suspected unlicensed motorcyclists and do a quick check for license. However this means that most sportbikers will get pulled over more often and provide incentive for unlicensed riders to get fake licenses. Option (c) which I like the most: Let these folks suffer the consequences of their actions. While this may continue to give the legitimately licensed motorcyclists a bad name, will that ever change? After all; in motorcycle circles, automobile drivers have a bad name, and will that ever change?

Let's let people be responsible for their own actions. While I believe in offering incentives to live, if people choose to engage in activities that raise their risk of dying, that's their choice.
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