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Motorcycle Fatality - A family needs help.

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I suggest you contact the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) - they have brought the issue of lack of concern on the part of the police to motorcycle fatalities to legislatures across the country - they also have a legal department - I'm not sure about investigations, but if they don't handle that then they could probably point you in the right direction.
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I wouldn't mind seeing the photos of the accident scene.

If we could get the location of the accident, and the names of local papers, we might be able to download the news-accounts of the accident. But, like draregms said, you should call the AMA, because you’re probably going to need an advocate, with some deep pockets, to get the attention of whomever it is that's stonewalling you.

I am truly sorry for your loss, and angered by it’s circumstance. It’s bad enough to lose someone you love, without being faced with indifference, from those charged with protecting us.

Yours truly,

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I'm more than a little bothered that would link to this as a front page story without any investigation or attempt to verify the facts. Did this anonymous writer provide any proof? Jeez, even a link to a news report would give me some reassurance.

I subscribed to receive access to quality on-line motorcycle journalism--not this.
Oh! You're going to LOVE the next news item! -Sean
This story sounded a little fishy to me too. Especially the stolen cash part.

Who puts 10 grand in cash in their pocket, hops on a motorcycle and rides across country to start a business?

Ever hear of a bank?
waaa! waaa! waaa! Does baby need his bottle?
Since when do the actions of most people make any sense?
As others have said contacting the AMA is your best bet click here.....

Also, have an attorney file a wrongful death civil suit. Even though the driver was not cited it does not preclude his family from doing this. Remember OJ was acquitted in criminal court but was found responsible in civil court. This may also get the prosecutors/police to rethink the case.
this tragedy is bad enough, but when reading this article, MO adds insult to injury with automatic hyperlinking to a business that rents harleys.

can you guys shut this feature off in some of your pieces? if not, maybe you could hyperlink to funeral homes when reporting on someone's death?

I'll pay to have your sub cancelled

What a prick. If this were your family member, wouldn't you go to a forum like this for help? Go stick your head up your butt, oh, wait, it seems to be there already....

Now where is that damn medication.....

I really don't like the sponsered links in the story. That is truly tacky.

I agree....

The link here is simply in bad taste.

The hyperlinks are automated and incorporated into the index at the root of We do NOT control where/when they incorportate themselves. The word "motorcycle" is the most common word for the bot to zero-in on and unfortunately, this item has "motorcycle" in it's opening paragraph. If we disabled the linking, it would disable all related-links for the entire site. -Sean

While I'm a lawyer myself, I'd respectfully disagree with your advice. Assuming that the original post is not a hoax (and, again, I reiterate my concern that it's a front page MO story that hasn't been verified in any way), I think it's totally unacceptable to file a wrongful death suit against the driver in the absence of some evidence of wrongdoing on his part. Undoubtedly some lawyer will be willing to do it, but imagine, if you will, the pain and anxiet that you'd be inflicting on someone who--as far as we can tell by what we know--did nothing wrong.

To the original anonymous poster--if this truly happened, there are specialists who can reconstruct accidents. The fact that you've written four months after the event doesn't help, but reconstruction experts can often determine if a vehicle was running or lights were illuminated in the course of a thorough investigation. The officers on the scene, hearing the truck driver's version of events, should have at least made some preliminary efforts to determine whether the bike was running--it might be as simple as looking at the position of the ignition switch and/or kill switch. In order to determine if lights were illuminated, the bulbs would have to be located and examined. You, as a non-relative would have limited abilities to gain access to the bike to allow an examination, but his next-of-kin should be able to do so. An examination of the accident scene would be very helpful to a reconstruction expert, but the passage of four months probably means that such an examination would be fairly useless. The photos you're referring to would, in likelihood, not tell an expert whether the bike was in motion, though it might be possible to estimate the relative speed of impact. The skid marks and debris at the scene of the accident would be much more helpful in this respect.

It's hard to imagine a scenario in which a rear-end collision of the sort you're describing would leave the motorcycle upright if it was moving at the time of the collision. Certainly the gyroscopic effect of a bike's rotating wheels would enhance the possibility of that happening, but it seems much more likely that a motorcycle moving at speed would be upset in its trajectory by being hit from behind and would have either been propelled sideways at an angle or have gone down--I'm not an expert, but based on what you've written, the truck driver's version sounds plausible.
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My BS sensor might be a little more tuned than yours due to my advanced age.
Sounds like MO needs some serious geektime spent in the ole back room.

Methinks the attorney has it right. If this story is accurate, accident reconstruction and expert witnesses will be needed.

We do this all the time in the commercial ins business - and not just for motor vehicle incidents either.
Re: I'll pay to have your sub cancelled

Hmmm . . . I think you're replying to me. It's kind of hard to tell, give the format of this forum.

If you'll look around, you'll see my response to the anonymous poster regarding hiring an accident reconstruction specialist, but my point was that MO let us down by making an unverified story that has some significant BS indicators (like "killed so bad they almost couldn't get a fingerprint", the missing $7,000; a tree-climbing business, etc.) a front-page headline without doing anything to verify the story. Maybe there was an accident. If there was a death, I'm sorry for the rider and for those left behind. But, as subscribers we've paid for an on-line magazine, and it's not journalism if you make an anonymous post about an unverified accident into a front-page headline. Sorry.
The MV Agusta story?

Seriously, though, I know it's easy to be a critic, but I hope you'll consider my comments. I think you've done a good job with the website, but you positioned an anonymous post as a front-page story. Journalists can be wrong and, occasionally, they're hoodwinked. But if you're going to present something as a news item, and not just leave it to stand as an anonymous post to a discussion board, then I really believe you should do some journalistic work to verify it. Your heart was in the right place, but it's not a "story" until there are facts.

Thanks for at least giving my perspective some consideration.
Please let us know exactly where this outrage happened. I-20 goes just about all the way across the Southern tier of states. Need to try AMA, Civil lawsuit, bad press, and if worse comes to worse, get Guido and Vincenti out of NY to talk to this jerk.
Lawsuits for dummies: I speak from experience and my wife is a paralegal

The lawsuit is standard stuff and is considered prudent not unethical. I was sued eventhough I wasn't cited until latter for an accident where I turned in front of a guy. The guy was not killed but suffered injuries cause he was not wearing a seat belt. In that case the suit was not filed until years latter because they had to determine what injuries were permanment and how much it cost for pain and suffering etc. My case settled for less than my liability most of it in legal fees. But it taught me that having liability insurance in excess of $100,000 is prudent cause legal fees can eat it up. .. In this case, the guy is dead and your argument on the time is irrelevant. They can file this a year or two. The first step is the lawyer not hiring your own experts.
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