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Motorcycle Fatality - A family needs help.

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I suggest you contact the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) - they have brought the issue of lack of concern on the part of the police to motorcycle fatalities to legislatures across the country - they also have a legal department - I'm not sure about investigations, but if they don't handle that then they could probably point you in the right direction.
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Re: Physics for dummies

SBP never said shiat about parallax. Go back and read the thread if you don't believe me. And stop being such a farking drip about the physicists. I can't believe what a world-class numbnuts you are.

You got nothing, as usual.
Re: Liar

Oh, here is what SBP said about parallax:

The parallax error is embedded in a much greater measuring error...

Meaning, to native English speakers, the parallax error was insignificant. You say above:

About the parallelex affect I was being sarcastic the mentioned professor er instructor rather of physics supported a dubious argument (parallex) put forth by the MO editor in an earlier agrument.

So you're an idiot, liar, or both, as if more proof were needed. Unhhh!
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