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Motorcycle Fatality - A family needs help.

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I suggest you contact the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) - they have brought the issue of lack of concern on the part of the police to motorcycle fatalities to legislatures across the country - they also have a legal department - I'm not sure about investigations, but if they don't handle that then they could probably point you in the right direction.
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Arnold is great, thanks for the compliment

Hey I would vote for Arnold for president. He is a fiscal conservative, social moderate, believes in separation of church and state the kind of Republican I like.

by the way you live in the theocracy of Utah. Aren't you a little concerned about the Right Wing religious whacks..
By the way Road Racing World debukes the 205 mph rider

RRW didn't give any stock to the parrallex effect. They like me knew the guy wasn't going 205 and though it was a ithchy finger by the trooper which caused the error. RRW is a great magazine which has great technical writeups cause they have a P.E. professional engineer that writes about tech issues. Better than the guy who writes the psuedo science babble in Cycle World....
Re: Physics for dummies

Precisely as I thought, Mr. BMW4VWW. I was just kind of curious how someone who can't spell "parallax" was going to incorporate it into his calculations.

I've been around the MO site since before it was a pay to view site, but haven't participated in the forums. This thread confirms the wisdom of my previous habits.
Re: Physics for dummies

Hey spelling is something I freely admit that I have problems with. However, I don't impersonate an attorney.
Re: U are a classic nut

Hey, I thought you were in "full ignore mode?"

Sooner or later, he justs sucks you in, doesn't he?

Kbucket is a demonic force to reckoned with. There's just no way around it. Call the priest!
Re: U are a classic nut

Just when you thought you'd seen it all there's this idiot claiming a criminal shyster who made millions with junk science lawsuits is some kind of demigod.

And then the idiot harasses others for posting off-topic stuff.

I thought that since he loves to insult everybody and eveything that he'd appreciate some really nasty gratuitous insults. But, like all of his ilk, he gets really upset when someone treats him in the same manner he treats others.

And so it goes......
Re: U are a classic nut

As if there were someone else of Kpukes ilk. I know that I've been guilty of it in the past, but let us all take a page from longride's book and never respond to this creature again. VWW
Re: U are a classic nut

Should we make it a blood pact?
"She is a kid for Christ's sake, what are you gonna do?"

She's 17, right? Put her in gymnastics training for a year & then send her to jungkvist!
Sorry, 18's the cut-off. Whaddaya think I am, a pervert!
If you step back, and look at many of the postings, something becomes apparent; I mean, other than the fact that we aren’t worth a damn, at staying on-topic.

Motorcyclists, unlike a good deal of the Public, are willing to take responsibility for their actions, and accept the risks of their sport…Sometimes to our own disadvantage.

I’m not going to belabor this point, but it is illuminating; especially when you consider how vulnerable we are, and how marginal we have become, as a group.

Just something to think about.

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I think it's more of a split--in bike vs. car/SUV/truck crashes, I often see the "hang the driver" or "sue 'em" sentiment echoed, often without regard to the factors that actually contributed to the crash. It's part of the not-my-responsibility attitude that's crept into American society and which has fueled the upsurge in lawsuits over the past couple of decades.

I'd admit that perhaps not every collision is avoidable, but there are many, many instances where the dead rider had a role in his demise.

For some interesting reading that has a real impact on motorcycle safety, I'd suggest that every motorcyclist who's interested in living a long life look at the studies on inattentional blindness. The Visual Cognition Lab at the University of Illinois has done some interesting research on the subject: .
All one has to do to create a common sense estimate of what occured is look at the picture and assimilate the facts that have been presented. We all know as motorcycle riders what happens when somebody goes for the asphalt at 60 mph. They do not fly 500 feet through the air, unless some act of gravity (high side, endo, etc.) throws the top of their bike in the air like a catapult, making it possible to achieve such an elevation to acquire said distance, but even then, 75% of the distance achieved is made skidding on the ground most times. Lets say that a truck traveling at 85 mph struck a moving motorcycle traveling at 60 mph. Now go outside and have the same truck hit you from behind at 25 mph (the differential) and see how far you travel without sitting on 800 lbs of hog. You might travel 20 feet at the most. Based on the picture, the tail of the bike was wedged between the pavement and the truck, so there was no chance of any catapult action and it would have been more likely that the biker may have been slammed into the front of the truck upon impact, in which case, he would have fallen to the pavement and slid about 100+ feet once the driver hit the brakes, barring any obstructions, on coming traffic, etc. Maybe if the truck had brakes that could have stopped it from 85 mph to 0 mph in 1/4 second, you might have created enough inertia to slingshot the, clinging for dear life, rider up and foward, but, we all know, or should know, that is neither likely or possible for any cage on the road today. Would it not be more plausible if a truck traveling 85 mph struck a man sitting still on a motorcycle, sending him flying 500 feet through the air and wedging over half of a Harley Davidson under his truck? The moment of inertia on both man and bike would be much more in that case... Just a thought.
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Re: U are a classic nut

Might as well. Could we use idiot boy's blood though? VWW
well sure... why else do ya think I specified a YEAR of gymnastics training?

I think this ***** through carefully before I post!
I have to agree, something is wrong with this story. Couldn't get fingerprints? He was riding without gloves?
It's amazing how disconnected from reality people are. It’s as if folks are riding around with TV remotes, and they think that they can just change the channel when an accident is about to occur. I once saw a girl applying mascara, while merging onto the Washington Beltway, during Friday rush hour. I swear, if I saw a giant, pink bunny, screwing an ostrich, I wouldn’t have been more shocked. She didn’t have a clue that she was one brake application away from performing a lobotomy on herself. But, if she got into a wreck, she’d probably have tried to sue the Make Up manufacturer. Sometimes I honestly wish serial killers would develop a sense of social responsibility and start culling the herd.

As far as lawsuits go, there are just too many lawyers practicing assembly line law. Every year, countless universities turn out countless new lawyers and most of them seem to care more about money than the law. I always thought that being a lawyer was like being given a sacred trust. Some of the lawyers, I know, just think it’s a means to an end: Money, Coke and [email protected] Jobs from the courthouse secretaries. So much for a, once, noble profession.

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Thanks for the consideration...Knew I was gonna regret posting that joke.
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