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Motorcycle Fuel Mileage: Is It Important You?

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I just sold my daily commuter cage (still have the family transport) to remove the temptation to cage-it if the weather gets gray. I live in CA so the weather is almost always rideable (sic?). One $12 fill up every two weeks vs. one $70 fill-up every 10 days. It makes a difference.
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kpaul, GMP, ex-Fire Fighter (BLM)*, soon to have 3 college degrees (EE, Business, CS) , predicts gas will soon rise after election.

January price $3.00

June price $3.50

August $4.00

Go baby go.. I hate SUVs

Biodiesel is the way to go..

prices in U.S. average price/gal

*BIFC/NIFC carded, 6 seasons, 200+fires, 50+fires as Fire Boss/Incident Commander, Heliattack Foreman, Engine Forman, Air Recon officier (youngest person to hold those last two positions)
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No brag just fact weasel..Ask me anything about fighting fires for the BLM? both of you? I fought fires all over western Colorado, some in eastern Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana...
LOL but Smokey is Forest Service. BLM was Johnny Horizon... BLM has more land than the U.S.F.S. Three times for fires.
We worked weekends dufus and 16 hour days.. God your such a pompous ass.. I worked my way through college this way. No silver spoon for me.. I never questioned your previous career. Keep in mind most of us were GS-2s, 3s. 4s. and 5s. I think a 2 started out at a $1.50 over min wage at the time.

That was before the fantastic college loan programs they have today.. I loved the excitement and team comrade. The leadership training and experience I received really helped me out latter on. i.e my job now.
correction your should be you're or you are. Don't want you making a weasel response about that. Yes you just pushed my button. One of reasons I hate silver spoon Bush.
P.S. No union, no heathcare, no pension. etc. Also the government can be the worst violater of OSHA rules... Just middle/working class kids looking for way to get through college.
Get real

Wait a minute. I have some smoke jumper buddies who disagree with you and kick you ass doing it. Yes structure fires are different. But you have lots of water, equipment etc. i.e you have fire hydrant on every block for Christ's sake. Try fighting a fire with no water only a chainsaw, pulaski and shovel..Wildfires can be very unpredictable because of terrain, fuel, and weather conditions. God you are big jerk. I am going to enjoy beating you.
Not going there.

Whatever, I am not going to sink to your level and put you down about last career. Wildfires vs structure fires are different. People die in each. Ask Buz about wildfires in Southern California.. One of my buddies was from there where stories are famous of city fireman with their heavy gear dumping boatloads of water on brush and trees only for it to flair up again... i.e. they were out of their element. CDF crews had to go in and save homes cause city firmans didn't know how to do it. i.e build a permeter use a chain saw to cut down burning trees if necessary.. .
Waiting for Chrysler to build one.
Excellent Point

Agreed.. here in Seattle its the same way. I had to move to another location in August my commute went from averaging by car 40 min to 1 hr 15 min sometime 2.5 hrs if there is an accident or rain (yes people forget they can't stop as fast in the rain and tail gate etc.). I convinced my wife that I have to start riding my bike again. Excellent point Steve time is bike probably costs more to maintain (valve adjustments, tires etc.) but the time saved more than makes up the difference. Wish my bike hand antilock brakes though cause of the rain and the idiots who pull out in front of you while you are going fast in the HOV lane..
David and Goliath

longride really pissed me off today.. don't get me started.. I could get mean with him but action speak louder than words.. You get MO to reserve the time on the track I'll be there to bring down the bully..
Re: More bad news for KP

LOL but So what.. Hear in diverse, highly educated, high-tech, high-income, intelligent, Seattle the top rated talk station KIRO-710 has a progressive slant. Ron Reagan, Dave Ross (does CBS radio network commentary), Jr. etc. Air America probably had a bad business plan etc. I am Republican anyway...why would I care? Have you checked out Boeing, Amazon, and Microsoft stock lately. Seattle is just superior because of its tolerance of diversity and it's love of innovatie ideas, free thinkers, and most importantly intelligence... i.e. thinkers and doers. Very unlike red-state Southern California.
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