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Motorcycle Fuel Mileage: Is It Important You?

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I just sold my daily commuter cage (still have the family transport) to remove the temptation to cage-it if the weather gets gray. I live in CA so the weather is almost always rideable (sic?). One $12 fill up every two weeks vs. one $70 fill-up every 10 days. It makes a difference.
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Well the oil is unlikely to ever go below 30 $ a barrel

- cruiz-euro

My Fat Boy consumes 7.3 litres/100km. Those of you still in the stone-age, get your calculators out

- cruiz-euro
A barrel is at $59 right now, with the futures market predicting it will push above $60 again for December. The last time we saw $30 was December of 2003. Unless someone decides to flood the market with reserves to cause a price crash, or some massive and previously unknown field is discovered, I don't expect it to drop under $50 again.
Fuel mileage won't keep me from fueling the Big green machine, but I did purchase a 500cc for the ride to work. Fuel mileage and or cost is an issue, but nothing that will keep me from buying/riding, etc...

This is my therapy -I'm saving money by not going to the shrink - So I do very well in the long run.
I was inches from buying a Brutale 750... until I saw that it got 23mpg. My 06 GSXR 750 is getting between 42-50mpg. I've always wondered why the big four hasn't come out with a 400cc 4cyl that does 0-60 in about 5-6 seconds, 80-85 with just enough left to pass someone. I love the gixxer, but who really needs 170mph on tap? Give us a bike with performance that matches a sports coupe like a civic si, or cooper s. the mileage there would be great i think.
$10 a quart oil?! What are you using?
"6 seasons"

That would be all of a year and a half total time?? LOL

Yeah, boy you are one experienced fire fighter!

I wish I had your knowledge and experience.
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Riding through LA in my 540 gets me about 16.5MPG. The SV on the other hand tends to pull around 50MPG. Overall cost of operation was one of the driving factors in my picking up a street bike, gas being a part of that equation. Because my travel habits changed after picking up the SV (I actually go to a lot more places now) it's not a strict 1:1 comparison, but for an entire month of gas on the motorcycle it would get me about six days of gas for the 540.
We worked weekends dufus and 16 hour days.. God your such a pompous ass.. I worked my way through college this way. No silver spoon for me.. I never questioned your previous career. Keep in mind most of us were GS-2s, 3s. 4s. and 5s. I think a 2 started out at a $1.50 over min wage at the time.

That was before the fantastic college loan programs they have today.. I loved the excitement and team comrade. The leadership training and experience I received really helped me out latter on. i.e my job now.
correction your should be you're or you are. Don't want you making a weasel response about that. Yes you just pushed my button. One of reasons I hate silver spoon Bush.
As long as I can get 200 miles from a tank, the price don't bother me much on way or the other.

If gas rose above $3/gallon and stayed there for a year or three, I think that'd be a great thing in the long run, but sux in the short run. Sux reason is clear. Great thing not so clear, so here I go: when oil breaks say $70/bbl or so, incentive is there to bring higher lift cost sources to market. Supply & demand will balance out jes fine, thankyavrmuch as Elvis leaves the building...
P.S. No union, no heathcare, no pension. etc. Also the government can be the worst violater of OSHA rules... Just middle/working class kids looking for way to get through college.
They find them regularly; nobody is going to lower prices.
So you hate Bush because you aren't a real firefighter? Makes sense to me. I just don't want any of our readers here to confuse you with a professional firefighter. You were a part-time wannabe. Nothing wrong with that. Just tell it like it is. I did it for a living for 17 years, not 6 'seasons' on the weekends. That would make me the professional, and you the never was. Just keepin it real for you 'facts and data' types.
Really?? It was just barely above 20$ a little over a year ago.

World demand is dropping, oil supplies are up.
It's a ***** when those fires get out of control.
It might be the same or worse at those speeds. Could be the same reason that a Buell XB-12 and a CBR-600 make comparable power but the Buell gets MUCH better mileage with twice the displacement.
Not true - at least for me anyway. My HD came in around 20 cents a mile versus my Ford, which was about 33 cents per mile. Gas mileage, insurance and (yes) reliability favored the bike.
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