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Motorcycle Fuel Mileage: Is It Important You?

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I just sold my daily commuter cage (still have the family transport) to remove the temptation to cage-it if the weather gets gray. I live in CA so the weather is almost always rideable (sic?). One $12 fill up every two weeks vs. one $70 fill-up every 10 days. It makes a difference.
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Note for non-Euro readers: Divide 280 by mpg to get liters per 100 km; divide 280 by liters per 100 km to get mpg. Neat, huh?
Re: More bad news for KP

Hey, just a quick comment, I tried your new link and all I get is an "invalid" return. I guess the entire www knows that is a joke.
Three models of Diesel light trucks and Vans, two Diesel SUVs, several models of Diesel car (this is Daimler-Chrysler as a whole).

KP, I'd say they already built it.
What did it do to your Canadian and Mexican feelings?
Ah, but when you run that big tank dry, it makes for a Long Push..............
61 - 65 of 65 Posts
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