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Motorcycle Gas Mileage: What's yours?

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40 to 50 mpg

mts 620 & zrx 1100
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The manufactures don't but the local dealers near me do. Last summer several dealers were posting estimated MPG.

A few even had "Beat the High Gas Prices" sale events.
Who Cares?? Mileage and motorcycles don't mix. My standard line is if I get more than 35 MPG, I ain't havin' enough fun. I own an '04 GSXR600. Just for the record, my mileage ranges from mid 32s to mid 38s. Screw the mileage, enjoy the ride! Cheers, Jack
2005 BMW R1200GS

"Sunday" riding, no passenger, no luggage, gets 50 mpg on average.

Loaded with full camping gear, BMW side cases "extended" out, higher speeds, gets 42- 45 mpg.

Good point, good thread.

Bandit 600S - 50 mpg in conservative riding, 45 when I'm more spirited. Between that and our Scion and Mazda Protege, our household fleet average is 39 MPG. My wife and I are utter failures as planet-raping RWDB's. And she's even a Republican. We hang our head in shame.

The Cycle World buyer's guide for 2006 has an article on high-MPG bikes. Another good reason to buy a Ninja 250 - 70 mpg.
H-D Electra Glide 36-40 mpg

Ducati ST4 42-47 mpg
My Ninja gets around 38 mpg.. Maybe I should start riding it again since gas has exceeded its record price per gallon set in 1981... I think this is the next floor for prices not the ceiling. $4.00 will be the celing for awhile..

Facts and Data supporting my theory
2000 SV650

Freeway commuting 60-80mph 43 mpg ave.

Tooling around the back roads 50-58 mpg.



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You can probably get a Ford Excursion pretty cheap right about now. There is still time for some good old fashion planet raping!
Record price adjusted for inflation

I meant to say that gas has reached a Record price adjusted for inflation
"Mileage and motorcycles don't mix."

That's a very odd sentence. Motorcycles and mileage go hand-in-hand, as this thread shows.

"My standard line is if I get more than 35 MPG, I ain't havin' enough fun."

Don't go high-rpm in the straights. It's a waste. Save it for pulling out of the corners. That's why you've got fifth and sixth gear.
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LOL so right.. I want to make an important fact and I step on my.... in the process. Buz was telling that it ain't so bad adjusted for inflation. However, the data indicates something else..Gas prices did fall after 1981 but.. the problem is the world producers have hit peak production a couple of years ago...i.e. it's a real supply thing now. Not an embargo political thing. Also India and China want more of the oil..and the have favorable trade and budget deficits unlike us.
1200 Sportster 55 tooth rear sprocket

52-55 MPG
87 bmw k100rs- 42 under 80mph. less (a lot less) over 80.
Your theory? Jesus, this is pretty much conventional wisdom.

Relax, folks. Even at $4.00 a gallon, gas is pretty cheap and a bargain. There are a lot more important things to carp about money-wise.
'99 M750 (carbs):

range = 38-50 mpg, average = 45 mpg
Really gas at 4.00 is a bargin... Adjust it for inflation buddy.. a 25% increase in the price is going to be OK schiki.?.. Go look at the link... That probably translates into a 20% hike in adjusted terms.. which will have not might have a crippling effect on the economy.

Ok...I am not arguing here, but am only trying to get your opinion, so do not start preaching, ranting and foaming at the mouth...Venezuela is reporting vast oil reserves. Some reports state it is enough to produce 200 years worth of oil.

"Palast reports a US Energy Department expert believes Venezuela holds 90% of the world’s super-heavy tar oil reserves - an estimated total of 1,360,000,000,000 (1.36 trillion) barrels. Let me repeat that - 1.36 trillion barrels. That alone is more oil than Hubbert believed 50 years ago lay under the entire planet."

Venezuela's president, Hugo Chávez, has also stated that he would be will to set a fix price at 50 per barrel.

Again, no freakish ranting or political turrets syndrome

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