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are there no bikes which are "scooterish" but still bikes?
Get a Ninja 250 - it's only 30 hpr or so good enough for the freeway if you ever want to use it there.

There are actually several benefits to a motorcycle over a scooter:

1. Bigger wheels handle pot holes and bumps better
2. More suspension travel again better ride over bumps.
3. Less unsprung weight vs sprung since on the scooter the engine is typically unsprung weight.
4. more even front rear weight distribution
5. better all round performance.

While many people might point out bennifits of a scooter over a bike - insurance costs, licence requirements - storage space.

Some of those can be lessed or fixed. Getting a ninja 250 and your insurance shouldn't be bad especially on a used one I was paying $85/year for my 500. For storage I think a bike with saddle bags, tank bag and rear truck can probably carry more than any scooter. Problem is you can't be afriad to do some welding or fabing to get saddle bags or a tail trunk on your race replica - my father even put a tail trunk on his RS250 2-stroke.
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