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Motorcycle powered by 24 chainsaw engines....

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It make me think.. "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should"..... Why? It reminds me of another behemoth monstrosity, I think it was called Roadog. Maybe JohnnyB will remember that one ;)

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Well, one advantage to this bike is that if you can't beat the competition you can still massacre them.
A real canyon carver. Looks like it would slice an dice all day long. It must take all day to yank all of those pull starters though.
They should have laid the engines out across the frame like a CBX then it would be 10 feet wide and they could have a shorter wheelbase for like, handling.
"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" I wonder if some people said the same thing about the first Buell :) Just kidding fool4mybuell
It's stuff like this that makes the human race more interesting than the rest of the animal kingdom.
Must've been a long winter!!
You mean the other Road Dog....

The one that JohnnyB got lied to about being the 'Real' one when it was actually the second one - a mere copy of the original. Therefore, the fact that he wrecked it is no longer a big deal because Mr. Walneck lied like hell about what it actually was (ok, he never REALLY claimed it was THE road dog and did come clean when pressed) mean that road dog? It just had 1 iron duke GM motor, imagine the mess JohnnyB could have made if it had 24 of them.....
As an old multi-cylinder two stroke rider you just have to love the sound that this thing makes. Anyone hearing this monster comming down the road would surely think that Satan himself was showing up for a visit. VWW
Really. I just spent that last weekend felling and cutting up dead trees with my chainsaw. I hate to think how loud 24 of the buggers going at once would sound. It might drown out the sound of those F-16s that fly overhead a lot.

How big would this guy's pit crew have to be to get them all started?

This might start a new trend. How about a motorcycle powered by 300 Cox .049s?
reminds me of the Tomahawk

maybe Jay Leno will buy it.
from my xperience with chainsaws,the chances of having em all fire and keep running long enough to msake a run is slim to none. Reminds me of the McCullough(sp?)powered flattracker of years ago.
I'm thinking of turning my Norton Commando 850 into a trailie.
Cornering clearance might be a problem, though.
Re: "Run for your life".....

Speaking of noisey monsters, Dr. Seruzawa, Did you cerebrate the fiftyth anniversary of the one true Godzila the other day with Saki, Sushi and small rice offerings?
Yeah, and check out the exhaust system, makes an old Greeves blooey pipe look high-tech.
underseat pipes would solve the cornering problem
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