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Motorcycle racing game from Polyphony Digital!!!

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No PC version for us first posters?
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The tracks look like they're lifted right out of Gran Toursimo 4. MO - Review! Review!! The choice of rides looks good too. If it's anything like GT 1-4, we're talking PS2 only, sorry pc, mac, xbox, etc.
Evidentally the MotoGP series on Xbox wasn't up to par?
It looks like you can even pick a scooter to race! Nice touch!
OMG!!! this could be the best thing ever. I don't know how many hours I've spent on the Gran Turismo series. Considering the rain we're having in California I just may be able to cope with day to day life until the weather changes.
The MotoGP series on X-Box is pretty good - but obviously, the addition of real licensed street and racing bikes would be pretty sweet. The riding mechanics on MotoGP aren't bad, though - analog everything (throttle, front brake, rear brake, steering and forward / back body position).

Bikes are so, I don't know, viscerally organic I guess, compared to cars, that I get more relative satisfaction out of driving simulators. Bike simulators / games just lose way too much of the experience.

Saw a good review on Gamespot.. Looks like a game I'll need to pick up sometime. I haven't liked some of the MC racing games that have been around since some of them actually make it faster to brake by using the engine than the actual brakes.

Oh well, this oughta be better.
I can't get to it from work, ("This site is being blocked by Tyson Foods because it may contain inappropriate or non-business material." blah, blah, blah....) but if this is the game I'm thinking of - you don't actually control the bike - rather, you control the *RIDER* and the Rider controls the bike. There are a few minor glitches in the way the bikes react to their environment, but this is the most realistic Moto game to date.

The MotoGP games I've played have licensed bikes and riders.

Once upon a time I played Superbike 2001 for PC and it was all licensed too. :-D
Mmmm. OK.

Never did get the game thing. Games just can't match the real thing for me.

FWIW, I was a programmer for several years.
I've got it on order..........:) I hope the tuning is up to par with the Gran Turismo game. I spent eight hours one time tuning a car for top speed. Making one change at a time and writing down my settings. It's so realistic it could be used to get any idea of how different changes affect the bike.
I don't play it much - but the street bikes I recall as being not quite R1 / ZX-10R, although I'm sure you're right.

I play Forza a lot more...and neither all that much.

Gamespot has a couple of movies and I'm impressed. This is the first motorcycle game where they've realized that your head isn't welded to the triple clamp when you're in the 1st person view. I have MotoGP 3 and I just never felt like I was on a bike rather than watching someone who was on a bike.

And for the guy who doesn't "get" the game thing; I agree that I'd rather be out riding for real, but there's many reasons why that may not happen on a given day. Not to mention that if you can get more than one track day a month in you're doing way better than me.
I.... need.... this.... GAME. Wow. I am addicted to GT4, and I have been waiting for TT to come out for over a year... I will be at the shop the moment the shipment arrives.
Gran Turismo was always way too easy. Hopefully this game is a bit harder.
I got the game and I'm about 30% of the way through it. At first it seems really easy. Getting the licenses are easy, the first few challenge races are easy. Once you start trying to win the race bikes it gets a little bit harder. I love how tunable the race bikes are. What else can I say it feels like Gran Turismo but with bikes. The graphics are awesome and you get a real feel when the tires start wearing etc..... I'd recommend it. Take your time in the challenge to win the race bikes and most of the races are easy.
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